Written by Magluer

8 Jun 2017

Some years ago my wife and I were having a drink with an American friend of mine, the topic of fantasies came up and he and I were agreeing that most men would love a threesome with two women. My normally prudish wife shocked me by claiming that most women fantasised about having two cocks to play with. That night at home I mentioned my surprise to her and she admitted that it was a strong secret fantasy of hers to have another cock along with mine to fuck as she had only two other sexual partners before me. This was getting me turned on and I suggested that my friend from earlier(James) had a huge cock as I had seen it in the showers after rugby, but I reasoned he wouldn't be approachable with the idea. Some months later we were in the pub again and finished up at ours, I had to make a phone call and when I returned to the room my wife Margaret asked me if I remembered our previous conversation, I said I did and she then told me that she had just asked James if he would join us, he told me he had longed to fuck Margaret for years and what did I think, I was all for it. We had another drink or so and Margaret told James I had told her about his cock and could see see it, he removed his jeans and it was obvious he was turned on as his cock was pressing against his boxers, he dropped his boxers and released a huge circumcised cock, Margaret gasped and said OMG. She toolkit in her mouth and sucked him even harder then she got undressed and told me to get naked too. She is petite with pert tits and black strip of hair on a plump pussy. She asked me to play with my cock and then pushed James onto his back and straddled him, she began to slowly take his cock and kept talking about how big it was and when she got it all she began to moan and ride it and talk about how good it felt, She told me she was turned on even more watching me play with my cock and told me to go behind her and watch James huge cock ducking her, I watched him plunge his rod into her and heard her come several times, she only ever came once with me when we fuck. She asked me did I mind if James pumped his load inside her, I was so turned on I said absolutely, James but tensed up and I knew he was blowing his load inside her, I was just about to cut in my hand when she said no, that she wanted my load inside her too, I rammed my cock into her from behind, it just slid straight in after James big cock and she was dripping with her own cum and James Load, I shot my lot almost immediately because I was turned on by the whole experience, and there was more to come which I will share on another day.