18 Dec 2018

We move to the next meeting, im only thinking about licking nibbling and teasing that sweet pussy, making you moan for me to fill you so don't realise you corner me by a pillar slightly out of view... the meeting starts, its a plant one so lots there. Soon as the speaches begin i feel a hand pull at my zip, i look round and no one looking at me. I see a smirk on your face as you reach in and stroke me, i start to stiffen as you stroke and rake your nails gently over me. I feel the cool air as you pull my shaft out and stroke it. I have now started to lift the back of your skirt up but get my hand slapped down. Its my tease you whisper... now its me gasping as you play with my shaft. I just try to keep calm as you play, next thing I feel is lips sucking on my head, I am gasping trying not to moan out loud. Kate wanted to taste you after we chatted eairler you whisper then you move closer to sheild kate as she gets to work on my pulsing cock. Now i start raising your skirt without restance and get my fingers on the sheer panties that are damp, your loving this i just manage to say as Kate swallows me whole. God she's good i whisper as i probe and rub your pussy. We will both enjoy her later you say, That along with Kate squeezing my balls sends me over the edge. She sucks me hard as i cum. Nothing wasted she says then liks my head again

I take my soaked fingers and let her lick them also. Will this meeting evr be over!!!!