Written by Wild Pussy

18 Nov 2019

I was on a late night bus journey, the bus was extremely full and other passengers were falling of to sleep. Snuggled up close to my husband,

he looked over at me with a very naughty glint in his eyes, he slid his hand inside my top pushing down my bra and softly rubbing my tits & nipples. He whispered in my ear to pull up my skirt and spread my legs open, he started to rub my pussy lips and clit very softly and very slowly through my knickers. He did this over & over until my knickers got damp. He pulled my knickers to one side and slowly pushed his finger inside my hit wet pussy, covering his fingers with my pussy juice.

He unzipped his trousers and out popped his hard cock, he covered his cock with my pussy juice. I then climbed onto his lap, pulled my knickers to one side slowly slid my pussy onto his hard wet cock. He had his hands on my ass, helping me slide slowly up and down on his cock, until we both cum.