Written by sextom

12 Nov 2012

It was my buddies stag weekend and we decided to go to athlone for the weekend. the group consisted of 10 lads. We started drinking early in the day and by 1am we were all in too drunk a state to be left into any nightclubs as a group so we split into smaller groups. the 2 lads I was left with were extremly drunk so I got them a taxi back to the digs and went to get myself a bag of chips.

I had just bought my chips and was looking for a quiet place to eat them when I heard a girl saying " oh i'd love a few chips". I turned around to see this cute little brunette girl with braces on her teeth. She was 19 or 20 at the most (i was 30 at the time). I smiled at her and said no problem. So she walked over to me but instead of taking a chip she leant in and kissed me and said you are so cute.....this caught me by surprise.... she asked me had I a girlfriend and I told her I was married (im not but for some reason i told her i was). She blushed and smiled and took a chip... we both sat quietly for a few minutes and then she leant in and kissed me again...this time I replied..

As the kissing got more full on I suggested we find somewhere a bit more private..I was worried the rest of my gang might see me and ruin my fun... We walked into a quiet carpark and found a wall to lean against... we started kissing again passionately now and every so often she would stop and say "oh my god you are so cute, I cant believe you are married" followed by more frenzied kissing and biting of my lips... I started to feel her ass and was getting seriously turned on at this stage... she was wearing a pair of white denim shorts and I cautiously opened the top bottom and slipped my hand down the front... I was delighted to find a dripping wet pussy and she grinded against my hand. I could feel her hand opening my pants now and my cock was hard and ready... she took it out and started pulling at it feverishly.

I then got my other hand into her shorts and starting fingering her ass too...this stopped her wanking me but it was obviously turning her on by the moans and the wetness of her pussy. there was streams of juice running down her thighs..."oh my god ive never been so wet" she said and I could see she was quiet embarrassed by it... I smiled and told her it was ok, that it was hot that she got so wet for me...I looked at my hard cock and she smiled her braces catching my eye again..."I cant suck you off cause of these" she said and "I don't want to go the whole way cause your married" but ill finish you off and she grabbed my cock and jerked me til I came, breathlessly, into her hand.....then she buttoned up her shorts, took her phone out and rang someone and 2 minutes later she was gone....

I was left with a withered cock and the beautiful smell of young pussy on my hands.....but with no chips... ;)