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South Dublin Wife

"It happened..."
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Published 1 year ago
I previously told a story (Handjob Heaven) which happened in November 2019 between an old friend, his wife and me. The whole Covid19 thing in 2020 made catching up awkward so when the first opportunity arose, I made my way back up to Dublin. I was staying over at my friends and thankfully there was no awkwardness over the sexual exploits from the previous November. With the pubs mostly closed it was pointless going out so we just got beer & wine from the shops and ordered a take away. After a few hours chatting and laughing, my friend left the room to check on the kids in bed. His wife and me continued talking and suddenly brought up the previous encounter we had. The wine had clearly got to her again!! She got up from the table, sat on my lap and began kissing me telling me there was no need to be nervous as she had planned this with her husbands approval. In no time she was on her knees and had my cock out and in her mouth. She loved it. This went on for several minutes until I heard her husband coming down the stairs. He came into the room and he asked could he join in... it was his wife ffs!!!! He approached her from behind and lifted her dress and took of her thong and started fucking her doggy style. Eventually we both came, me in her mouth and him in her pussy. She loved it. The night didn't finish there. I was allowed to fuck his wife but they insisted I wear a condom. That was a fair request. The sex lasted until the early hours as we both had sex with her in various positions. Leaving the next morning it was great that everybody had a good night, guilt free with the possibility of another get together in the future. I was laughing to myself as I was leaving seeing my friends neighbours waving across to him and his wife.. if only they knew 😉
Dave C

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