Written by a new man

12 Aug 2012

I was sitting in a pub alone. A woman walked up to the bar beside me, she was waiting to be served she said hello and asked was i from around here, i said no just here for the weekend, she smiled and said her name was joanne and would i mind if she sat with me i said feel free, we got chatting and we where having a good laugh, the bar was closing and we where about to leave when she asked would i walk her home, i said i would be glad to.

we stoped in the chipper for some food on the way to her house, the chatting was going well, as we got to her house she asked would i come in for a few mins i wes only glad to as i needed to use the loo, when i came out she was sitting on the sofa and said i should sit beside her, as i sat down she grabed hold of me and kissed me, then said she wanted to do that all night i smiled and kissed her back, things where hotting up my hands started to run over her body she was ripping off my jeans stood me up got on her knees took my cock in her mouth and my god could she suck but just then she drove her finger up my ass, what a shock, then she got up and said she needed to be fucked hard i was only to happy she bent over and said do not hold back i want it rough my cock was throbbing so i opened her legs sliped my tongue into her pussy she started to moan as my tongue flicked off her clit she bucked like mad then i stood up and let her have it.

I drove my throbbing cock deep into her dripping wet pussy she cryed out with pleasure she wanted more i started to fuck her like man that just got out of jail. she was screaming for more then she let go and she squirted all over my cock i never stopped my cock was just about to throw my load into her she pushed back on to my cock and all my hot cum shot into her she droped from under me i fell to one side we where covered in sweat then she told me it was some time ago that she got fucked like that. we lay there for a bit then she asked could she blindfold me and tease me a bit. i was happy to help so she put me on my knees covered my eyes then started to tease i was horny as hell in no time then she said to wait she will be back in a sec and off she ran. i heard her coming back in she said close my eyes and wait, then she walked up behind me put her hands on my shoulders and said get on all fours i want to tease you, as i was on all fours she started to run her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock then up to my ass hole i was not sure about it at first but was starting to enjoy it.then she dribbled some lube on my ass and sliped her finger into my ass and her other hand was rubbing my cock she asked did i like it i said it was strange but good and thats when it happened as i was blindfolded i did not know she had a strapon on her and with out warning she drove it into me now that was the shock fo the night and she fucked me good and hard and at the same time she spanked the ass off me whan she had enough she turned me over and gave me the blow job of my life.

from that night on i never seen a quiet woman for just being a quiet woman but what a night i will be back with what happened the next morning another time ( thats if any one wants fo hear it ) let me know