Written by jim

5 May 2017

While staying in hotel with my wife we got drunk very early in the day . At around 9 pm we went to the room for sex . During sex we started to fantasize out loud about her having sex with a stranger. we immediately stopped the session and got dressed ,jeans and top for me slutty dress for her . we said we would just mess around not let it go to far . Plan was for me to enter pub first and she would follow me in as a single and sit at the bar. Within minutes men were coming over trying there luck. She got cosy with one guy for about 20 mins and then text me to go back to hotel room she would fellow me over my legs were like jelly I was shaking but horny. After awhile the room door opened and there they were. "Jim this is Steven" My wife headed for the bathroom and me and Steven had a drink from the mini bar . Steven kept asking if I was ok with this to which I replied yes but really wasn't sure but I was so horny . Then the bathroom door opened and my wife came out wearing a t -shirt with no bra she got a drink and sat on Stevens lap this is when I could see in drunken movement s she had no knickers on. As time went by it was clear Steven was taking the hint with me in the room so my wife said "Jim why don't you go to the bathroom throwing me the eyes . This was make or break pull the plug or except your faith so I closed the bathroom door and reopened it 5 mins later to the second . My wife s two legs were behind her head and Steven was in full flight pounding away I knew my wife would never cum with drink on her no matter how long they had sex. But Steven got very comfortable very quick turning my wife left and right then doggy and in between each position change he stuck his cock in her mouth. He was definitely the only person fully injoying this. After he came which was him whipping it out and cuming all over tits . My wife just turned over and went asleep Steven lay there and then passed out. It was the next morning which was so troubling. My wife got up to use the bathroom at 8am and flopped back into bed I hadnt slept all nite mostly pulling myself off through out the nite. But I pretented to be asleep. It about 15 mins later she started to move closer to Steven sticking her head up to see if I was still asleep in the chair . I could see arm going across his stomach under the covers and then movement around his cock area as Steven started to wake up my wife took one last look at me and then headed south to really give Steve a good morning . After a good blow job my wife asked for doggy now Steven s cock was a good size bigger than mine but not too much. He fucked her doggy for at least 40mins before she let out this huge groan of relief. He then fucked her in a host of position s before dumping his load in her mouth which she swallowed and sucked his cock clean for another couple of mins . I defo don't get that. She came at least 4 times . Now I can't wait for him to go to have it out with her . After he left it was interesting to find that my wife had woken up and he was all over her and she thought if let him have sex with her he would be gone before I woke up . What bullshit. Not sure what to make of it .