Written by Desiree

29 Apr 2011

Now as I lay in bed beside you , contented , satisfied in bliss …I wonder if I should let my need for you take over , or would you be shocked …

Touching you drives me to the edge and control is not need or is it ? , Oh I wish I was braver more forthright more daring in my adventure with you … ....

After what has been hours off you pleasing , teasing , tormenting me I want to return the desire and lust in kind .You have made me beg and ache for you to fuck me , as you ruthlessly teases me with a slow fingers. "Please," I whimper over and over again , so much pleasure in I abandoned the overwhelming need to let go and give myself to you yet again …closed eyes , head back … Hip raising from sensations and the inner tightness building , as you watch my helpless pussy been driven to weeping--a misery so sweet that even I treasure the release and heights you make me reach …

Can I take show you ? ,can i make you throb with the same need you made me feel ? . Can i slide my body down yours and let my tongue taste along the way ? . Should I indulge in the taste of you as I tantalize and tease you… My hands on your legs, caressing … parting …sliding up and down . Oh my mind is running wild with ideas , Perhaps it’s the idea off your hard pride begging for my lips to be wrapped around it…..my tongue to smother it with attention.. Sucking , licking , nibbling , gliding , tasting …… Can I let my fingernails gently glide across your balls causing you and make you moan in pleasure ?. Should I let my hands glide up and down your hard shaft ….. My lips wrapping around the head of your pride. . . sliding my mouth around you. ….To feel you throb in my mouth as I slide you deeper in. Should I let my tongue dance around your tip or slide you back out ?. Would you moan from pleasure ??? Would me let me bring you more pleasure ? Let me slide you back in. . . slowly. . . inch by inch. . .. Hot . . and then back out. . ..wet…..slowly in again … sweet .. inch by inch. …. Out ….Then quickly back in…Sucking and lapping from within , my tongue wrapped around your bride , sucking deeper and deeper …. Enjoying the very taste of you. … Would you let me take you to the edge ? Off desire. …. passion. ….of your need ….. driving you to the brink put not beyond yet … ?

Should I just do as I want or should I ask ? …. Tell me hun ? …. Please … Guide me to you needs .. Tell me your wants …let me learn to please you as you need to be pleased …. Teach me ….

Do you want me to slide you in and out of my mouth quickly. . . .in and out. . . As my hands wrap around the base of your hard pride, sliding up and down in rhythm with my mouth.

up and down ….

up and down …..


faster and faster…..

Should I now slow down and slide you out of my mouth so I can slide back up your body and kiss you hard , with the need I feel , so you can taste you from me ?

Is this what you want me to do ?

Am I aloud to ….. ?

Slide back down your now damp body and run my fingernails on the inside of your thighs. . . very lightly. To slide my mouth back around you…. deep into my mouth ……in and back out….. Slowly …… in and out ….in and out …. Faster now …..Is this what you need ? Want ? Desire ? Need ?

Can I feel your hands in my hair making me move to your rhythm … ? . Will you moan in pleasure ? Increasing … as I take back some control ? …..Up and down …. Up and down .. Your pride . . faster and faster. . . .I feel your body tense for me , are you close hun ? Do you need me to keep the rhythm for you .. FASTER ?? DEEPER ?? HARDER ?? …… Will you moan my name as you explode inside my mouth. ? … Can I savour every last drop of you. ..? Would you let me feel your body collapse from release as I take you over the edge ….your breath ragged ? … Your heart pounding … Lust taking over every fibber of your being ……. as I gently run my tongue over your eye for one last time then lay my head on your thigh , hands still in my hair as I relive every second in my mind while waiting for your breathing to slow along with mine ????

So tell me ?

Can I ?

Should I ?

Would you let me ? ????????