22 Jul 2015

So myself and my girlfriend sarah enjoyed our first MMf threesome. I loved watching my girlfriend being a slut it turned me on so much. She had the time off her life loved being a slut. She never had much fun when she was younger. Shes 28 now and its the first time she got to be a slut. So we decided we would go away for the weekend and see what kind of fun we could have. WE booked a hotel in another city. Sarah got her tan done so she would be looking her best. She wasn't shy anymore since she had the threesome. Anyway we got to the hotel and got dressed to head out. Sarah who is 5 foot 6 lovely legs big tits and really cute face put on a white sexy dress that was clung to her hot body and barely covered her ass.

We headed to the first pub. It was a young crowd and it was packed. The plan was sarah was going to do whatever she wants with as many guys as she wanted and I was going to watch it all. She knocked back a few shots and headed to the dance floor didn't take long for her to have a group off guys around her. She took her pick and took a guy about 20 to the back coner off the pub. Now sarah is only 28 but compared to this guy she looked way older. anyway she pinned this guy up against the wall and started kissing him, she takes his hands and slides them up her short dress. The guy is feeling her ass and then he starts fingering her. She returned the favour by wanking his young hard cock. This went on for about 10 mins and she returned to me with cum allover her hand which she licked off. My own cock was rock hard but she told me ill have to wait till we head back to the hotel, the little tease.

Few more drinks and she wanted more back to the dance floor. Its amazing how easy it is for a hot girl to pull. She started dancing sexy with a really hot guy and she started feeling his rock hard cock, she then took him by the hand and led him out side to the parking lot. I gave her a few mins and followed. Found them in the corner hidden behind a van all over each other. I crept right up to them to watch. She could see me watching and put on quite the show. He was fingering her and she was pulling on his big fat cock and talking dirty to him. She says to him im a dirty slut and I want to suck on ur big fat cock so bad. She then dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around his fat cock and sucked while moaning like a slut. He didn't last long and shot his big load down her throat which she swallowed every drop and licked her lips. She got up and told him to enjoy wanking about her cause he will never see her again.

We headed to the club where she told me she wanted to be even dirtier. I was so horny couldn't wait till it was my turn. She saw too hot guys at the bar and walked up to them and just smiled. They were delighted and bought her a drink. She told them she was in a naughty mood and wanted both of them. She was feeling both their cocks by the bar. The 2 lads couldn't believe their luck and she took them both outside. I followed again and what a sight it was. She was standing between the 2 lads a cock in each hand and kissing one while the other was fingering her pussy and asshole. She was moaning like a slut loving it. She then started sucking one of them while the other bent her over and hitched up her short dress and started fucking her sweet pussy. He was loving her pert ass and she was having the time of her live as both guys fucked her slutty holes. It was a amazing sight watching her being a dirty little slut. It finished after about 20 mins with her full up with cum. She came back into the pub and we left, I was never so horny.

Back in the room she dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock I was about to cum down her throat after about 30 second so I stopped her. I stripped her down and started licking her sweet asshole, her only hole without cum in it. I then pushed my cock into her tight ass and fucked her hard calling her a dirty slut. She was loving it. I blew my load in her ass after only about a minute as I was so horny. We talked about what she had done tonight it made us both so horny. We spent the night fucking and I treated her like a whore cumming all over her face and her ass. Untill we both fell asleep. We woke up and we both said it was the best night ever and that she wants to enjoy herself on a regular basis. So hopefully we will find some hot males for her to fuck while I watch. Cork area :)