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hornykm2737 11 years ago


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i was at the gym after a long work out with my man i went to dressing rooms to shower went to shower every body showers together i had my swimming gear on i started to wash washed my hair and the soap went down into my swim gear washed my tits and my nipples were so hard so i played with them then a girl came into the shower to wash so i had to stop she started to wash so i watched her it made me really horny watching her touch her self then out of the blue she asked me to help her with her top it was really tight so i had to pull it up hard it got stuck at her head her face was covered and her lovely tits were sticking out i wanted to grab them i was so close to her that her nipples were touching mine i was sooo horny now her tits looked so good got the top off she said thanks and asked would i mind if she took off her bottoms ? i said if u want i dont mind but somebody could come in she took them off and i could see her shaven pussy by this time i needed to fuck she washed her pussy slowly which set me mad she then asked me would i mind rubing cream on her back i said ok she was still naked my pussy was realy wetby now i started to rub the cream on i was going mad while rubbing her back she turned around her tits were at my hands i started to rub them cream that was left on my hand on to her nipples to be cont

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