Written by Bedtimebaby

6 Jul 2012

Arriving before you I take the time to have a lazy shower to ease out the tensions off the day , Slowly letting the water travel freely over my pale skin and as I lean back I let my hands travel over every curve , slowly , peacefully in my own world , rubbing my neck , shoulder , slowly down each arm , letting the suds travel as I do , over my breast , each nipple taut , tight , throbbing with anticipation , lower down over my ribs , tummy , feeling the water warm each inch as my hand slide down my legs , one ..rubbing up and down , massaging each muscle in turn , then the other , over each nerve , working slowly ...up further ,

I let my hand slip between my legs as I place them further apart , two fingers sliding in time along each edge off soapy juicy pussy lips ... up and down ...slowly ...deliberately building the rhythm as the water cascades over me my other hand moulds my breast , lifting , pushing ,tapping , flicking squeezing before finding a taunt nipple and circling it with my thumb , rubbing over it , beside it , before pinching it as I let my fingers below find my throbbing clit ...and repeating each step there in time , pinching , pulling , rubbing , tapping flicking ...over and over ... that feeling off need building fast as my hips move to meet my fingers , I need more , I lean forward and raise my breast as I let my tongue flick over it once , twice three times , then the other , shock waves shoot through me and I let one finger slide in between my pussy lips ...parting them ...teasing them , my body screaming out for more , my head back as the water washes over me again I slide another finger between ,

rocking my hips I allow them to enter me , hot wet pussy sucking them in with ease , moving them as I have been thought to , slowly side to side , not wanting to rush , but needing to feel , over and back , in and out , again , again , again , my body pulsating with pleasure... licking my lips as the water washes over my face and neck , down over my breast that heave now as my breath quickens , heart pounding ,faster , deeper I let my fingers slide in adding another , needing to be filled , wanting so much more but for now this will have to be enough , thumb rubbing in time and time again against my taut throbbing clit , water and suds mixing with pussy juices flowing down my inner thighs ... faster still I glide them in and out ...spreading them slightly to feel fuller ...in and out ...up and down ... slowly ...in deep , slowly all the way out to brush over tingling lips , stealing a taste as I lick the juices from my hand before letting it travel over my body and back to pussy lips that beg for more ....rubbing around my clit ...again , again , tapping it just enough to feel the heat building as I do , rubbing , tapping , rubbing again , the urgency builds as I do ...sliding three fingers in deeper , rocking my hips on them , back and fourth , palm glancing over pussy lips and clit as I do , fast , deeper , more urgency , a moan escapes me ,

oh I wish you were here now ...more ..pushing deeper , needing more ,wanting more , fingers pounding hard and deep.. Fast .. Pussy sucking hard with each thrust , juices flowing with ease .. More I need more .. Curling my fingers within my tight pussy I search for that spot you have shown me , pushing it lightly at first the sensation electrifying ...mmmm rubbing it in that come here motion ..pussy getting tighter as I do , clenching and releasing , again I rub and clench ..., release and dare to breath , pushing along it , on it , around it , my body shaking , gasping for air as I keep going , finger tips sliding over and back across that magic spot , free hand teasing and play with a clit that is so sedative it nearly hurts at the touch , around and around I rub at it , as my finger follow within me ,,,

Clenching hard I try to fight the urges over taking me ... oh how I need more , so much more , fast , harder , deeper , pussy sucking and swallowing my fingers over and over as I flick and tickle and rub my pleasure heightened clit .. A sudden gasp , clenching , releasing , juices gush from deep inside , I moan out loud , shaking , again , and again my body released from its hold , heart pounding , breath catching I let go .... Thunder , fear , amazement ....wanting ...as I slide my body down the wall behind me and let the warm water flows over me , I am wishing you were here now , I want more..............