Written by roy16

20 Oct 2014

As I've said before my horny wife of 42 is extremely hot, she looks after herself, minding her diet and keeping fit. She is now in great shape and has also let her grow longer agin and has added blonde highlights which make her look younger. She would easily pass for 32 and since shes been running her bum has really toned up. She looks amazing in her running gear and tells me almost daily about the looks she gets when out for a run.

Having not been out much since our holidays I suggested by text last week that if she wore a really sexy outfit with very small knickers I'd take her out. She replied, I'll have to go shopping again. I never mentioned but on Saturday she went and got her done and din't arrive back until near 6. She went to her room and later came down in an amazingly hot little skirt, black n white wrapped around thing with black tichts and red shoes. I said stunning and asked about the knickers. She replied you'll have to wait and see. I went and got dressed and we went for a quick bite before the pub. Her top was a tight almost see through white number that showed her curves and boy was she getting noticed. The waiter in the restuarant couldn't hide and she was loving it. In the pub she whispered about a hot guy who was looking at her. I asked if she wanted. She said not tonite but want to flirt with him to be really hot for you. This made ny cock rock hard. She walked past the guy as I watched and walked really provoctativly, glancing at him as she passed. He nearly spilt his drink not noticing me watch. When she came back form the toilet she pushed past him to the bar. They started talking for a while an had him in a trance when she told him she had to go. She came back to me and said I need you now as I'm on fire. We went for a taxi and she couldn't contain herself. She had her tights off in minutes and the taxi driver started to take notice. She new it and asked me to take one of her tits out for him to see. I obliged and continued to palayed with her. I put my hand up her skirt and found a bald fanny dripping. I said you bad girl and she pushed me down on her. She was moaning and the poor driver couldn't keep his eyes off her. I continued until we got home and as I was getting the money out she snogged the taxi guy and took a small red thong out and gave it to him and got out. We proceeded into the house and we fucked at the bottom of the stairs before going at it again in the bed room.

Stunning woman in a stunning little skirt