Written by mrs cpl

17 Oct 2016

let me start by saying this wont be the most erotic party you ever read but its true,last Saturday we went shopping I wanted a new dress for a birthday we were going to soon, in a well known store looking around I found myself getting a little turned on for some reason just a naughty feeling I was getting. anyway 2 dresses in hand I headed for the changing room...opened my jeans and pulled them down and my pants came down with them I got the most explosive feeling when I looked in the mirror seeing myself fully shaved exposed I was so excited I took off everything I was wearing I will admit I touched myslelf a little my nipples were on fire sticking out....I dared myself to put the dress on and go out to see what hubby thought....I was scared if others were out there and would see but that what was turning me on

I walked out hubby was there I asked him what do you think.....I looked around another guy there looking too half on his phone half looking (fuck he knows I'm naked I'm sure he can see) well hubby loved it I went back buzzing I got out of the dress and put the 2nd one on I ddint like it but it clung to my skin I felt so naughty I started to pinch my nipples through the dress and I pulled it up and started to masturbate....I was so horny I didn't care how long I was in there I had to cum.....I was so wet I wanted all sorts to happen ...someone to catch me someone to join me.....getting close I sat down to stretch out my legs to get the last pressure down there...................fuck emmmmmmmmmmm yes wow I needed that trying to be quiet but what a relief....getting out of the dress I wonder could nanyone smell my orgasam from it

I dressed myself leaving off my pants and bra paind for the dress and went to the car....as we were buckling up I told hubby what I did and well he was so horny he asked me to do something for him....I opened my blouse and exposed my nipples still hard I reached over and got his cock out I pulled him off with my boobs exposed he came in 2 mins all over his jeans we drove home and had the house to ourselves and played on in the bedroom for a while

like I aid not the most erotic but was such a horny afternoon