Written by newcouple300

12 Mar 2015

Finally it was organised. Myself and my girlfriend sarah had wanted a threesome for ages and couldn't find the right person. I knew she fancied my good friend james. He is tall and goodlooking and she heard about his big fat cock. So when I mentioned that james is the only one of my friends I trust to be discreet she begged me to ask him. James was delighted I asked him, he said he always wanted to fuck her, who wouldn't. Sarah is about 5'7 long legs nice ass and pair of tits that are way to big for her. She's also got a gorgeous face and lovely dark brown hair.

We booked a room out off town and we met james at the bar. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw her, she wore her white dress that is see through around her ass. He couldn't take his eyes off her ass. The plan was to go drinking for a few hours and sarah wanted to be teased by the two off us. We went on abit of a pub crawl. I noticed straight away how much she wanted him she couldn't take her eyes off him and I really wanted to see her get fucked by him. THe drink was flowing and we were all getting quite comfortable with each other. Sarah was sat between the two of us and we both had a hand on her lap stroking and teasing her by sliding our hands every now and again over her wet pussy which was barely covered by her wet thong. She had a hand on each off our laps and was stroking our cocks hard. She turned to me and whispered in my ear how much she wants to suck our cocks so bad. She then asks me to go to the bar and take my time as she wants some alone time with james. I told her have fun and that I love the thought of her being a little slut. Off I went to the bar and I positioned myself so I could see what they were doing. She turned to face him and started to kiss him while her hand was sqeezing his fat cock. Her tongue was pushed right down his throat and they were sucking the faces off each other. U could tell how horny they were and how much they wanted to fuck each other. Sarah saw that I was looking and gave me a sexy smile and a wink, she knew it would be turning me on. She then grabbed his hand a put it inside her soaking wet thong and he fingered her expertly. I came back to the table and she was moaning like a slut, I told her be careful someone might see and she said she didn't care and that nobody knew us here. She was moaning away and she said to him that she is going to suck the cock and balls off him. This turned me on even more listening to my girlfriend being a dirty slut.

We headed back to the room with her linked between both off us. She had the biggest smile on her face knowing she was finally going to enjoy two cocks. We bought some more booze and headed to the room. Sarah disappeared into the bathroom while we had a drink in the room. James asked me was I definitely ok with this and I told him I always wanted to see her in action. Sarah came out off the bathroom in high heels, stockings and matching black bra and knickers. She looked amazing, I couldn't believe she's my girlfriend. She also started using sun beds so she had a nice light golden tan. She walked over to us and she started to kiss me and she wispers thank you so much. She then turns to james and started to kiss him passionately while both off us are feeling her nice tight but curvy body. We are both stroking our hands up and down her tighs and she is moaning like a slut. She strips us both down and drops to her knees and wraps her lips around my cock. The sensation is unreal, she's always being amazing at giving head. She then stops and looks at james big fat cock. With the biggest smile ive ever seen on her face she says who's a lucky girl.

She sucks his cock so good being a right dirty bitch. She's deepthroating and sucking on his balls and moaning as she sucks. She goes between our two cocks sucking better than ever before. She then concentrats on just my cock and sucks the cock off me till I shoot my load down her throat. She swallows every drop and licks my cock clean. She then tells me to watch and have a beer. Ive always wanted to sit back and watch my girlfriend be a slut. She then turns her attention to james. Their hands are all over each other feeling every part of eachothers body. She starts wanking his cock and he's fingering her wet pussy while their tongues are down eachothers throats. She wanted him for so long now I knew she was going to enjoy herself. James lay sarah on the bed and removed her sexy knickers and started to lick and suck on her pussy. She was loving it and when he turned her around to see her lightly tanned ass he couldn't resist licking her perfect ass hole. She loved it. She then worked her way down james body taking her time teasing his massive cock. She says to him its my turn now. She pulls back his foreskin and wraps her gorgeous lips around the head off his cock. She sucks it so hard and he is moaning so loud. She then goes down and sucks the balls off him and comes back up and tries to deepthroat his big dick. He's close to cumming so she slows down. She sits up on him and takes his cock and sits onto it slowly. Its the biggest cock she has ever had. She slides down on it and takes his full length inside her. She turns to me and just says wow. She rides him so hard and good. He takes out her big tits and starts to suck on them. After a while he starts pleading with her to slow down cause he doesn't want to cum so quick. She kisses him passionately and rides him harder and faster. James is about to cum so sarah goes down on him and sucks the cum out of his cock. She swallows every drop and tells him she loves the taste of his cum. I loved my little slut more than ever.

We all had a drink and a chat. Then sarah said she wanted the two of us together. That was the original plan till sarah got caught up in her lust for james. We went to the bed and I lay down. Sarah started sucking my cock while james got behind her and licked her pussy and asshole. After a while she begged james to fuck her. She was now living her fantasy. We swapped positions a few times getting our cocks sucked so good and fucking her tanned ass. Eventually we both came in her filling her pussy and mouth up with cum. James hopped into the spare bed and went to sleep and myself and sarah fell asleep in the double bed. She went to sleep with the biggest smile on her face and dripping with cum.

Next morning I woke up to moaning. I looked over at james he was moaning loud and I saw why. Sarah was sucking on his big cock. She was doing such a good job. I joked with her whats she doing. She replied that morning BJ's are the best and that she couldn't resist his big fat cock. James eventually gave sarah a huge load and she swallowed it all like a greedy little whore. She then came over and sucked my cock which was rock hard from watching her in action.

Nobody wanted to go down for breakfast so I said I would grab a few things and bring them up for us. Sarahs excuse was she had enough sausage. Off I went and when I returned I found them in the shower. Sarah had his fat cock stuffed in her tight asshole. I know its tight cause I tried to fuck it many times and she couldn't take it. But there she is moaning like a slut as he fucks her tight ass. She told me after that she wanted to be a really dirty for him so that he would be up for joining us again. I watched as james fucked her ass for what seemed like ages. She looked so hot getting fucked. When he was about to cum I couldn,t believe it when she turned around got on her kness and wrapped her lips around his cock that was just in her ass and sucked the cum from his cock. James got dressed and thanked us both and said he wants this to happen again. Sarah was delighted she loved fucking him. We spent the day in bed fucking and discussing what happened. I told her I couldn't believe she took it up the ass and that she sucked it after. She said she wanted to be the best, dirtiest fuck he ever had so that he would be begging for more. She then said that she would love to fuck a few more of my friends once I was ok with it and then named them out. It was quite a list. My girlfriend is a hot slut and I totally love it :)