12 Aug 2016

Recently Sara and I have met some really great people on here, and last weekend we had the pleasure of doing it again. We were contacted by Sean, he is 64 and tragically lost his wife a few years ago. He has been on here a while and finally found the courage to contact us, and he said the reason was he knew Sara likes an older man so he felt more comfortable. He seemed so nice on the phone, said he hadn't been with anyone since he married but his late wife, and no one since she passed away. We decided to meet in a hotel half way between us, have a drink and a chat and see what happens.

As we chatted we got on really well, Sean seemed relaxed so Sara asked if he would like to come to our bedroom. He then was a bit hesitant but Sara assured him it was fine, we got some drinks and went to our room. We had a drink in there and chatted, Sean was very nervous. Sara went to the bathroom and came back in just her bra and panties, she approached Sean and started to kiss him. He did not make any move so Sara placed her hand on his crotch and started to rub his cock, he started to breathe heavily and I knew Sara would have her way. She dropped to her knees and took his cock out, wanked it and took it in her mouth. I decided to make Sean feel more at ease so I stripped naked and removed Sara's bra as she gave him head. Sara then got up and took Sean's hand, led him to the bed and said "I'd like you to fuck me ", he looked at me for approval so I said " please do and enjoy, we're all having fun ".

He undressed as I removed Sara's panties, laying her on the bed, legs wide open, her wet pussy waiting to be filled by Sean's throbbing cock. I kissed Sara, fingered her pussy as she wanked my cock. She was ready to be fucked so I nodded to Sean, he was so nervous, and was afraid he'd lose his erection so he went straight for it. Just like he was servicing her, he climbed between her legs, Sara took his cock and guided it to her wet pussy, Sean pushed and slowly shoved his hard cock deep into her pussy. He started off at a nice pace, slowly pumping her, taking the head of his cock almost out before going balls deep again. Sara was really getting into it, she urged Sean"fuck me, harder Sean, I want you to fill me up with your cum". This had the desired effect and Sean started to fuck her really hard, holding her hips as he came deep inside her pussy. I turned her over and gave her my load doggy style as Sean watched, he seemed pleased that he had managed to go through with it and give Sara a really good fucking.

Sara got cleaned up and after another drink we all got on the bed. Sean and I took turns eating Sara's pussy before fucking her in various positions and filling her well fucked pussy again. It was a really great night and we plan to have Sean visit so we can do it all again.