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TrucknXXXfun 11 years ago

Sexy Truckin Fun with a Couple.

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It was a lovely sunny day. I am driving my Truck along the motorway to the exit number agreed on the phone. I could see the car on the bridge so I flashed my head lights and a female hand waved back from the window. I passed the exit and could see the car coming down the slip road to catch up with me. They caught up with me and slowed to the same speed as they got level with me I looked down to see the female was wearing a dress with buttons all the way down the front and the top buttons down to her belly was undone and slightly open. She gave a wave and I waved back. Then she pulled open the top of her dress to revile a lovely naked pair of medium Breasts with hard Nipples. She cupped them with her hands and played with them rubbing them and pulling her nipples. I was horny my Cock was trying to burst out of my uniform. She then reached down and unbutton the rest of her dress and pulled it fully open and spread her legs as wide as she could. I could fully see her Sexy shaven Pussy. She then licked her finger and slid it up and down her Pussy slit a couple of times and then started rubbing her Clit, closing her eyes and enjoying herself. Then she slid two fingers into her soaking pussy and started fingering herself. It was so horny. There was this Female I had only just met exposing her Sexy Naked body to me and giving herself a good fingering and all this while we was driving down the motorway. It was so Horny, Sexy and Dirty. I was rubbing my Erect Cock through my uniform. She now way humping her pussy up to met her thrusting fingers her tits heaving and her nipples rock hard. I could clearly hear her moaning. Then the driver said something to her and she looked into the wing mirror. I looked into mine and could see a car driving faster coming up behind them. She then slid her fingers out of her pussy and put them up to her mouth while looking at me. I could clearly see her pussy juice all over them. She put them in her mouth and sucked them clean. She gave a real sexy-dirty smile and waved and they drove ahead of me and pulled into the same lane. The phone rang and it was her. "Did U like what you saw?" she asked me. I replied "god yes, you turned me on so much" she then said "I bet you would like me to Suck your Cock now!" I replied "if you did that now I would come and blow the top of your head off !" she then said "ok follow us" we turned of the motorway to a parking area with forest walks. The two of them got out and went up one of the paths. I got my truck parked up and followed them a couple of minutes later. I came across her sitting on the end of a picnic bench. And her husband was in by some bushes to watch. I walked straight up to her and kissed her deeply and passionately. While kissing her I undid all the buttons of her dress starting from the top. Then still kissing her I slid the dress off and onto the table behind her. So now she was totally naked out in the open air. I broke the kiss, quickly pulled my Top off and pushed her legs apart and stood in between them and kissed her again our arms around each other, her tits and hard nipples squashed against me. I was gently running my hands up and down her back from her neck to her arse. Then I slowly and gently kissed my way down her neck to her shoulder then slowly down to one of her nipples. She leaned back a bit putting her hands behind her on the table for support, and pushed her tits out for my mouth. I reached her nipple and kissed, licked and nibbled it making it grow even harder. She was moaning gently. I then kissed slowly across to the other nipple and did the same. I looked over to where the husband was to see that he was naked and wanking his cock like mad. I then kissed slowly and gently down her belly towards her pussy and at the same time laying her down on her back on the picnic table her pussy on the edge and her legs wide apart with her feet on the bench seats that run down each side of the table. I knelt between her legs and just as reached her pussy I stopped kissing her and I could see and smell that her pussy was soaking wet and throbbing. She was breathing heavy and I could tell that she was dying for me to eat her pussy. ( she told me later that at that moment when she was laying there with her eyes closed and naked out in the open with the sun shining on her with her legs wide open with her throbbing soaking pussy totally exposed to a stranger who head was so close to her that she could feel his hot breath on herself and waiting for him to eat her out with her husband watching and wanking near by, was so horny she thought she would die ) but I didn't kiss her pussy the next thing she felt was my lips kissing the inside of her right leg by her knee. This made her jump. Then I kissed slowly and gently along the inside of her leg towards her pussy when I reached her pussy I went just over her pussy and stopped for a few seconds my lips just touching her pussy lips making her moan then I kissed away from her As I kissed slowly away from her pussy along the inside of her left leg. I could tell this was driving her nuts and she wanted her pussy eaten so much. So when I was half way along her leg I suddenly jump my mouth from her leg to her pussy given it a big lick up the pussy lips to the clit then clamping my mouth over her pussy and sticking my tongue right up inside of her. She jumped, moaned loudly and came all that the same time spraying her pussy juice into my mouth and over my face. I tongued her more but it was too much for her. She grabbed my head and held it still into her my tongue still up her. She was moaning, shaking and humping her pussy on my face while she kept coming. When she let go of my head I started slowly licking up and down her soaking pussy slit and sucking, nibbling on her clit. Then I slid one of my big long fingers slowly right up inside of her bent it forwards and rubbed her G-spot then licked and sucked no her clit. I started sliding my long finger in and out of her going each time right up Inside of her to the spot. My fingering and licking got faster and faster until she came again spraying more juices over my hand. I stood up in-between her legs (what she didn't know is while I was eating her out. I had striped myself naked and put a condom on ) she then realised I was naked in-between her wide open legs and the tip of my rock hard throbbing cock was just touching her soaking pussy lips. She was well ready for a good Fucking with her throbbing, soaking wet and dripping pussy and rock hard Nipples. So just to tease her more I pushed a little of my cock head into her pussy and stopped. She gasped. I asked "do you want my cock ?" she replied "oh god yes, I want you in me" I slowly pushed my cock head into her pushing her pussy lips wider and wider then my head was in. The husband now had come over next to us and was watching closely still wanking as I entered her. Slowly inch by inch I slid my rock, hard throbbing and hot cock shaft into her soaking wet pussy. She was moaning and saying "oh my god" then the whole length of my cock was deep into her. I kept my cock still deep inside of her so she could enjoy the feeling of being full of cock. I put my hands on her knees and run them along her legs to her pussy just brushing against it as they passed up over her belly to her tits I played with them and her hard nipples then slid my hands down to her hips and held her there. Then I slowly pulled my cock right back out of her. I could see her juices running out of her horny pussy. I ease the tip of my cock head back into her and stopped. I looked her straight into her eyes and said "do you want my cock again?" she replied " oh yes stick it in me. I want you to fuck me. I want you to fucking fuck that cock hard up . . ." she didn't get to finish what she was saying because without warning I rammed the whole length of my cock right up her hard making her gasp and moan. Then I pulled my cock slowly out and just as it was about to come out of her I would slam it back in again. I kept doing this for about 1O minutes getting faster and faster until I was slamming really hard and fast in and out of her our bodies slapping together. Her whole body and tits shaking with every pounding thrust of my cock, her soaking pussy squelching and my big balls banging against her arse. She was moaning like mad and humping her pussy up to met my thrusts. I bent my head down and sucked one of her nipples and this sent her over the edge and she came. She was shouting "oh my god. Fuck im coming, im coming, im coming" then her legs and whole body went stiff and she screamed loudly and her pussy tighten around my cock shaft and she sprayed her juices out over my cock and balls! Watching this set the husband off and he came all over her tits. I then took my hands from her hips and hooked them under her legs and lifted them up and back on top of her totally opening up her pussy and arse. I rested my hands on the table each side of her. Pinning her there unable to move. Now I could ram even deeper into her Pussy. I just pounded really hard and fast into to her. Her hands grabbed hold of my arse and she was shouting "fuck me, fuck me hard. Fill me with that cock" I was really given it to her. The whole picnic table was shaking with every pounding thrust. I said " im going to come" she quickly said "in my mouth" I pulled my throbbing cock out of her pussy my fingers holding the base of my cock to stop me coming. I pulled off the condom. She had got of the table and knelt on the grass in front of me and clamped her mouth around my cock. I let go with my fingers and exploded into her mouth. I pumped my Spunk into her. She took as much spunk as she could then pulled back and let the rest spray onto her tits joining her husband's spunk. She then went back to sucking my cock. I think she was loving the fact that I was still erect and ready for more. After a while of sucking my cock and playing with my balls. She stood up turned to her husband bent over to suck his cock and told me "fuck me from behind" I got ready behind her but then dropped to my knees grabbed hold of her arse cheeks with my hands and spread them opening up her pussy and arse and I licked and probed her pussy and arse with my tongue. She was moaning away around her husband cock. As I was probing her arse and at the same time I slipped two of my long fingers into her pussy and fingered her hard and fast. She came over my fingers then she pulled her off them. She pushed her husband onto the picnic table on his back. His cock was back hard again and she sat down on his Cock facing him then lay down on top of him and said to me "do my arse" I climbed on top with my feet on the bench seats each side. Lined up my cock with her arse and ease it in. Her husband was already fucking her pussy like mad from under her. I went slowly at first then got faster and harder. She was going crazy shouting "oh my god" and "Fuck me give me those cocks" at one point we were both pounding her holes hard and fast. Then really loudly she moaned `Oh yes. Oh yes, yes, yeessss... `and she went stiff and came her juice gushing out of her. We kept ramming hard into her, then she screamed "oh god" and sprayed juices again straight away then sprayed again. She reached around with her hand pushing me off her saying "stop, stop" then she climbed of her husbands Cock which was spraying Spunk. She sat on the seat out of breath and still shaking saying "too much, too much" ( I found out later that was her first double fuck ) I sat beside her and the husband sat no the other side of the table. We all sat there for a while naked and talking and having a drink. I took her hand and put it on my hard cock and slid two fingers into her pussy. And we all just kept talking while me and the wife wanked each other. we was both working up to coming when the husband looked at his phone and saw the time. We all didn't realise how long we had been there and they was already late for where ever they was meant to be. They quickly got dressed and left. I was still horny so I went over to a tree and leaned back against it naked and wanked myself thinking about what just happened and had a nice big come. . . . I asked the couple later if they mind if I write about this on post it on the site. They said it was ok as long there was no names or places in it. And I sent them a copy to read first before I posted it. That was my first meeting from swing4 Ireland. And I can't wait to met them again and hopefully met up with so one else. Shane- trucknxxxfun.

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