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Sexy Mature Work Receptionist

"Couldnt belive my luck"
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Published 1 month ago

Working for a large Pharma company at the time as a 25 year old arriving into work as usual on a Monday morning and passing through Reception on my way upto my office I went to greet our receptionist and noticed that a different lady was seated behind the front desk. As i take a closer look My jaw hits the floor, a sight to behold we instantly lock eyes for what seemed an eternity. This is one of the most sexy mature women(late 40's) i have ever seen in my life, jet black hair tied up, her massive tits bursting through a tight white shirt, tight black skirt, tights, massive curvy ass. My cock instantly throbbing with the sight of her. I manage to say hello and she greets me back. I ask her is she new and she tells me no im just here for the week doing front desk cover from an agency. I see a wedding ring on her hand but im thinking fuck it i need to fuck her. As I make my way upto my office again we lock eyes and i can just feel this outrageous chemistry between us my heart beating through my chest. As the week continues we constantly lock eyes as i make my way to and from my office through reception - she has to know by this stage that i fancy the arse off her. Fast forward to late Thursday afternoon and im sitting in a back meeting room on my own trying to finish off some work, most office staff gone home at this stage. I hear a knock at the door and i look through the small glass panel and im shocked to see its her and i can tell she is shocked and embarrassed to see me in the room also. She hesitantly comes into the room and walks towards me and says i need to leave these files in here for the morning. She is very close to me now and again we lock eyes, im thinking fuck, then she suddenly just jumps on me and starts kissing me madly. Her tongue right down my throat hands all over me grabbing me all over. I cant belive it and just go with it. I dont care if we are caught cause i have to fuck this woman. She is shaking now and so i am, i ask her is she sure about this she gasps and says yes- fuck me, fuck me i need you inside me. I lay her back on the table pull down her trousers and she pulls out my cock and starts sucking it. Im fingering her pussy and it is absaloutley sopping wet. I go down on her eating her sexy pussy and she starts moaning and screaming instantly coming. I cant believe this. She begs me to put my throbbing cock inside her. I grab her legs spread them open and put them over my shoulders and slide my massive cock inside her. She's screaming instantly again, i start hammering into her and within 20 seconds she cant hold on anymore and she cums squirting out all over the table, her moans and screams are unbelievable. She then starts begging me to come inside her. She grabs me by the neck and shoulders kissing me and pleads to fill her up. So I say fuck it and keep hammering away and blow a massive load deep as fuck in her pussy she falls back onto the table then slides her fingers into her pussy pulling my cum out and puts it in her mouth. We get dressed not knowing if we had been seen or heard but we didnt care if we had been or not it was 100% worth it. We exchanged numbers because she would be working back in her usual placement the week after. We met up a few times after in hotels fucking her brains out until we had to stop before her husband started to smell something going on. 

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