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6 Apr 2013



3 minute read

Hi, Continuing on with her gym trips which I now call her 'Sexercise classes' my horny wife told me this about her latest session during the week. I was away in the uk at work and she attended her tueday midday class as this is when here latest attraction is on duty and isn't overly busy (until she arives). She went and bought herself some new gear, black hot pants with a small sexy pink gym top. She looks amazing in them with her hot little bum and sexy 34 dd's showing well. Upon entering the gym room her toyboy (Sean) came straight over to her. There were a few other guys doing ther work out and another gym helper, a young spanish guy(Raul) who she says is very hot. Sean asked if she needed any help and she said of course. She sadi she was getting one to one exercise help which was quite hands on which was attracting the attentions of the other guys in the room including Raul. she went onto the exercise bike and Sean asked if he could adjust the saddle for her. She said ok so he raised it so that she had to cycle with her bum up and with her vagina pushing hard on the saddle. This she said almost made her cum. She now new that Raul was impressed also which made her even hotter. She had to get off the bike and went onto other equipment to finish her work out. As she wiped herself with the towel nearing the end she said to sean, I'm going for a shower. He whisper, do you want to use the staff room, and she smiled, why not. He showed her in and lightly touched her bum going through the door. He showed her where to go and said he'd be back. She proceeded to undres and entered the shower knowing that he'd be back. Within seconds he appeared fully erect in the shower beside her and proceeded to adjust the shower head to a high pressure jet and lowered it onto her tits, playing with it around her nipple. It was extremely arousing she said. He proceeded to lower it down around her back and onto her bum. he pushed it right up against her and she could feel the pressure in her bum which made her very horny. he then lowered it further between her legs which made her gently open them and the feeling of the hot wtaer going into her vagina made her orgasm wildly and she fell onto her knees and proceeded to suck his cock from there. After a short ime she got up and he lifted her up and wrapped her legs around him and fucked her har aginst the wall. She said this was the best sex she ever had. They climbed out of the shower and he dried her off whilst she played with his cock. he asked if she liked that, She said it was amzing babe. He said you know Raul thinks your hot. She said I had noticed him watching me. Sean said he know what we do and I was wondering if you would like to have us both. She said she was shocked but very excited. I asked if she'd like that to which she replied, I'd like to Rual on his own first and then possibly both. Raul is very hot she said. We agreed she should go for it which she'll tease him next week and see how it goes. I'll keep you all posted

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