Written by hornykm2737

18 Apr 2010

went to gym again this morning hoping she would be there again needed to touch a woman and be touched by one had a hard work out was feeling tired so got ready to have a swim put on my skimpy swiming gear it was realy tight and showed off all my curveswent into the pool there was one other person in there they were at the other end swimming got in it was great so i lay back and float i felt great then someone grabed my bum it was her my face could tell i was so happy to see her she looked so good wet we went to the deep end to swim she went under water and started to tough me it felt so good there was no body else there the life gaurd went for a break so we could do what ever we wanted she came up out of the water and kissed me i was realy hornyso i started to touch her tits and then put my hand on her shaven pussy it felt lovely and soft then she said come on i can not wait any longer into the showers kissing and touching each other this other girl came in so we stoped my friend kept washing and stripping off i wanted her so bad then the other girl did the same so i did to i was my self slowly making sure to spent time on my tits and pussy i was sooo horny now then i looked over and the other 2 were watching me so i went over to my friend and started to feel her tit the other girl was loving and ask could she join in we went over to her and both of us were feeling her she was moaning with pleasure then we move to a big dressing room we were playing with each other feeling tits and licking pussy it was soooooo good tits and pussy every where i licked my friends pussy while she licked the other girl and played with my self at the same time it was great then when they came the 2 of then took turns at licking me and playing with my tits i came so hard 3 times i am going to go to the gym every day it was the best day of my life