Written by sexymofos

12 Mar 2017

we live close to Lough Derg and found a perfect quiet spot for regular outdoor fun, last summer we were in the usual place having fun, Mrs kneeling on the bench as i fucked her from behind.

after a couple of minutes of hard fucking we could here people clapping and cheering.

as we both looked around there was a cruiser with two guys clapping and waving at us mrs then sat on the bench and opened her legs wide to give them a good view of her fingering herself.without hesitation i asked mrs if she would take the 2 guys and she agreed so i beckoned the guys to come over so they boarded the dinghy and made their way over to us.

it turns out they were German tourists one guy in his mid 50s the other was 66 both attractive and fit for their ages as soon as they reached us the lder guy had his fingers straight into mrs pussy the other sucking on her nipples and mrs soon had their trousers unzipped and cocks out and she was stroking and sucking both off as i stroked my cock.

luckily mrs had some condoms in her bag and the older guy mounted her first he was at least 7 inches but one of the thickest cocks ive seen and spent the next 20 minutes pounding her till the next guy took his turn. after both guys had cumm and mrs 3 times we were invited onto the boat where we spent the nest few hours fucking so they got a memorable holiday in Ireland.