Written by S

11 Mar 2016

7 on 1

True story!

This is something that some friends and I got up a few weeks ago.

The lady in question is 40, Large tits size 12.She was a known slut in her. She was known to have given blowjobs at office parties and fuck most men who would take her for a drink.

One of my friends was fucking her for a few weeks and. It was always one of his fantasies to do a gang bang he knew she'd be good for it. He asked a few friends if they would be in to it and collected a few guys. She didn't know a thing but 7 men were planing to fuck her on Friday night.

My friend had asked her to go out for a meal and told her to dress sexy for him. He picked her up and said that they will have to make a stop as he didn't want to stand up his friends house party.

They called over around 8 and we had drinks open and watching random crap on tv. She walked in and was perfectly comfortable and made conversation with us all. She was in a small black skirt, a white top and nice tall heels. My friend kept holding her, stroking her back and keeping her horny.

About 20 mins later they went in to the kitchen, I heard giggles and then they went up to a bed room. No idea what he said to her but a few mins later he came back down and asked to of us to come up.

We walked in to the room and she was butt naked standing there... My friend went to her and said ok guys join us and started kissing her and squeezing her tits and rubbing his fingers on her pussy.

We didn't waste time. Got naked and went to her. She was like a pro. Sat on the bed and sucked us all. One of put her back and licked her as she sucked two dicks and a few Mins later she was on her back getting fucked while sucking two Men. The other 4 lads came up as the banging got harder and got in on he action. At one stage she was on all fours getting fucked and sucking a dick while two guys were under her sucking her tits.

She fucked all 7 guys.She sucked, swallowed, had cum everywhere on her. She gave a good performance. She kept screaming with orgasms and loved getting it hard. She always had a finger inside her pussy and she was giving is blowjobs and she didn't mind getting random sex toys getting shoved in to her pussy.

The happy couple thanked us and left around 2am.

We still don't know what he said to her or how she agreed but it was one hell of a night.