Written by BBB

2 Jan 2017

Just before Xmas I was passing my neighbors house and she was struggling to get the tree from her car and into the house, I of course helped her and once inside I helped her get it in place. Mary is a lovely woman, mid forties, in great shape, has two teenage kids and a husband that spends most of his time in the pub. Everyone on our estate feels sorry for her as she is always left to do everything on her own. I asked her where Tom was and she replied "the same place he always is", I knew what she meant. I did it few little jobs to help her and she offered to give me money I knew she couldn't afford to, I said no so she said at least have a cup of tea. This I did and we chatted and I flirted with her and she seemed to respond to it, as I went to put my cup in the sink I placed my hand on her hip to move her aside. She turned to face me and something just happened, we kissed and it became really intense, my hands started to feel her tits and rub her cunt through her jeans. She grabbed my crotch, I was hard and she said "I want it ". I undid my trousers and pulled out my cock, she pulled off her jeans and panties and just sat on the edge of the table, legs apart, presenting her hairy cunt to me. There was no niceties, just animal lust, she took hold of my cock and guided it to her cunt. I shoved it right up her and started to fuck her hard, she just said "yes, yes, that's it ", and she came as I pumped my load into her. After she seemed to panic at what we had done, and the fact someone could walk in at any moment. Two days later she arrived at my house with a bottle of wine, she said sorry about the way she was after and for panicking. I said I understood and was sorry for taking advantage, but I had enjoyed it. She said she did also, it felt good to be wanted but she didn't want me to remember her by lying on the table with a hairy pussy dripping cum. I knew what she meant so I led her upstairs to bed. She stripped off to reveal a freshly shaved pussy, which I devoured before fucking in various positions and filling with cum. She gives great head and is one hell of a fire ride. She has called in a couple of times since and we fuck like rabbits, she's making up for lost time and I'm happy to be the one that got there.