Written by karenoneill

10 Jun 2014

met martin again in the cinema last week. we had been swopping the odd text. lots of reassuring my hubby lol. made the mistake of going in to cinema too early , witht he lights on before the movie started few akward momments ha. but soon the lights where low and movie started. we exchanged one good snog . then his fingers found my clit mmmmm. soon i was soaking wet. had my hand under his coat which was on his lap. he came in my hand lots lol. rubbed it in to my pussy and mouth. rubbed some on my nipples mmm. he came bit early for me this time. he quickly got me there it was so hot. i jerked on his hand hard. then i left my hubby was in the car park jumped in the car had to get back out to pay for the parking which was free as i was only in there less then hour. it was raining heavy. in the car hubby tried to put his hand on my pussy i slapped it away no i said we be home in ten minuets. got home ran upstairs holding his hand. used his socks to tie his hands behind his back then pushed him on to the bed i was so horny. i was still very wet with both our comes from cinema. but it had hardened on my nipples like a paste. i fucked the face of my hubby jcame on his tongue hard. then just snogged for while got him hard then on his face again but this time when i was coining jumped on his cock wow. i love my hubby very much he has given us so much but i love our new sex life . would love to talk to other females see have they had problems long term. love cuckolding my husband but what not do anything he does not agree with. would love to try dogging has anyone tried it tell me. .