Written by TKMax

16 Aug 2016

This is a follow up to our meeting with Sean, he was a great guy and Sara really took a fancy to him. We invited him to stay with us at the weekend and he said he'd love to, as we live beside a fantastic golf course he asked if his golfing buddy could stay too. Sara agreed as she was keen on seeing Sean again, his buddy Frank was married and a few years younger. After spending the day golfing they returned home and after changing, we ordered in some food and had a few drinks and chatted. Sara was loving the attention of the two men, Sean was saying how sexy she was and how amazing she was as a lover. She was sitting beside him on the couch and put her hand on his crotch feeling his cock, she then started kissing him as her free hand went between her legs to rub her pussy. She spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side, rubbing her pussy, giving Frank and I a nice view. Sara then got up, knelt before Sean, took his cock out and gave him head. When he was hard she straddled him, we watched as she slid down his cock and started to ride him. She was so horney for him, saying " oh yeah Sean, fuck me, fill my pussy up", she was using his cock for her pleasure and he was loving it. Then as she came all over him, he unloaded his cum in her pussy as requested. She kissed him, got off him, smiling like the cat that got the cream and headed over to Frank. She had a wicked grin on her face as she pulled out his cock and started sucking and licking it. The sight of her on all fours with another mans cock in her mouth, another mans cum dripping from her pussy was too much for me. I got behind her and fucked her dripping pussy hard, holding her hips as every thrust put Franks cock deeper in her mouth. As I shot my load into her pussy, Frank filled her mouth. We retired to bed as it was late, I had an early start as I had to travel. Sara told me later that I was hardly out the gate when Frank arrived in our room, naked and fully hard. He said nothing as he got into bed beside her, he just rolled her onto her back and spread her legs, he got between them and as he kissed her he rubbed his cock on her pussy before forcing it deep inside her. He was forceful and wanted to fuck her, he just pumped her really hard, sweating and moaning as he came deep in her. He just kissed her, got off and Sean was waiting to take his place, again he just pumped her and came inside her again. Sara said that they took her out for the day but once home the two of them really had their way with her, eating her pussy and fucking her in so many different ways. They called me to say how well she looked after them, we have planned a trip away together soon so I will be able to get some action with them too, Sara really is being spoiled.