Written by thestimulator69

28 Aug 2013

Went for a swim at a local hotel pool yesterday it was all to myself ,, so I started doing lengths and after about 10 I decided to grab a few minutes in the sweat room I sat in it for about 5 minutes ,, seemed like hours and when I emerged the pool had got two more clients ,, a couple of women had taken to doing lengths so I got in the jacizzi and watched them go up and down while I enjoyed the bubbles ,,, the heavy one went to the sweatroom and cheekily I thought it wont take her long to get sweaty ,, and sure she wasn't in there long before she joined me in yhe bubble bath ,, as she got in I got a great eyefull of her ample tits ,, we passed pleasantries and sat like fools facing eachother ,, she was a good looking woman about 45 or so maybe a size 16 with massive tits next thing that happens takes me totally by suprise her foot starts to rub my cock which sprang up in an instant ,, excuse me I said and she just said I am marion and if ya free for a fuck I am in room 210 ,, I was a bit gobsmacked and stuttered sssssure when ,, she said give me ten minutes and come up I will leave the key just under the door , so I went to get dressed and shower and then went to the bar and got some water ,, all the time thinking have I given it ten minutes ,, so I headed to the lift went to the second floor and found 210 and sure enough the card was just showing so I swipped it and went in and there she was stark naked with a dildo in her pussy come on get naked she said I want it good and hard ,,, so in about 3 seconds I was naked with a boner standing next to her bed she grabbed my cock and started to wank me slowly ,, get the oil she commanded and she produced a string of pearls I want these up my arse she said so she got on all fours and put oil on her hole and I inserted the beads one by one ,, she still had the dildo in her pussy which she was working herself ,, beads in and she was ready I took the dildo and put my cock in and fucked her with all I had I was drilling her deep and with pace I was sweating big time then she started to buck and pant pull the beads she screamed so I pulled them like I was starting my lawn mower ,, and she screeched she was so wet and convulsing ,, she collapsed on the bed and I still had a hard on ,, she had some smile on her face ,, I told her then to suck my cock which she did ,, and as it went on longer the more I started to fuck her face she then said fuck my ass ,, fuck my ass ,, she rolled over and again a quick squirt of oil and my cock was buried in her ass ,, it was real tight then she found her dildo and that went up her pussy ,, very soon i was bucking myself and shooting hot cum deep in her arsehole ,, her phone rang as I am getting off of her ,, she ignored it and said what she liked most about anal was sucking the cock after its been in her ass so she was sucking what was left of my cum and the phone rings again ,, ok honey she says ,,,, really sorry she says but my husband is in receptionyou must go ,, so I left fully fucked and having a new experience ,,, thanks marion xxx