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Sarah is happy

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Sarah and I were in Dublin for a weekend and were enjoying a night in temple bar. We met a group of English guys over for a stag do, they were very nice and we were having a great time with them. Sarah seemed to be taking a keen intrest in one guy in particular, Ben, he was in his twenties and very nice and polite. He was also black and Sarah has had a life long fantasy to be fucked by a black man. I was getting horny thinking of what might be, they were getting on really well so I whispered to Sarah if she wanted to take it further. She was really excited so I said I'd sound him out, I explained to Ben about her fantasy and said it would be a dream come true for her. He was flattered but a little shy, he said he'd never done anything like it before and was nervous. I explained we do it from time to time and it's a real turn on. He said he'd love to try but was looking after his friend from Trinidad, and couldn't leave him alone, so I said no problem if he tags along. His name was Leon and Sarah wasn't keen on him at all, but I said I'd have a drink with him while she fucked Ben. Sarah agreed and we all headed to our hotel. We had a couple of drinks and relaxed, Sarah made her move on Ben as he seemed shy, I assured him it was ok. Sarah got her tits out and he started to nibble her nipples, he soon has his hand inside her jeans rubbing her pussy. They seemed to be oblivious to Leon and me, just sitting there watching the intense action taking place. This was special for Sarah and she was really getting into it, she got on her knees and released Bens cock, she looked at me smiling as she knew her fantasy was about to become reality. Ben moaned as she greedily sucked him and caressed his balls. Ben then put her on her back on the bed and fingered her pussy, it was so wet, he licked it and probed it with his tongue. This sent Sarah over the edge and she begged Ben to give her his cock. Sarah got on all fours, presenting Ben with her very wet bald pussy. He positioned himself behind her and pushed his big black cock up her until his heavy balls were slapping her weth every stroke. It was so sexy to watch, Leon just stared blankly rubbing his cock through his trousers. He then stood up and removed his clothes, he was much darker than Ben, very tall and toned with dreadlocks, but his cock was huge, he said nothing as he pumped his cock to full hardness. He watched as Ben fucked Sarah, hard and fast, she screamed as he fucked her like she'd never been fucked before. As Ben pumped her pussy full Leon glanced at me, not for permission, just letting me know he was going to fuck her too. Sarah had no choice but I knew she'd love it anyway. Ben came in her and pulled out, immediately Leon took Sarah and put her on her back, she looked dazed as he sucked her tits, she reached for his cock and pulled it to her pussy, even though it was bigger than anything she had, it slipped in to her pussy, no doubt helped by Bens load. Leon sucked her tits as he fucked her, then he increased his pace and just stared at Sarah as he pumped his come into her. When he finished his cock just slipped out, followed by a stream of come. Sarah was in heaven and can't wait to do it all again. We have Bens number and keep in touch, Leon has gone home but I'm sure he enjoyed the experience as much as us. Sarah took my load in her mouth after they left, and in the morning I fucked her hard thinking of the night before.

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