Written by TKMax

2 Oct 2017

From our previous stories people will know we have been in the scene for some time, Sarah is in her forties, very good looking, slim body with nice big tits, her pussy is always wet but very tight. She adores sex and has an enormous appetite for cock. I had to take a job in another country and I asked a married friend if she could call on him to service her in my absence, he did for a short while but got cold feet about getting caught out. He got a friend of his, a divorced older business man to oblige, which he did as he is a real charmer, he's 63. He took her on a business trip to Spain where she fucked him and his 3 business associates, next trip he took her to London and a wealthy Arab sheikh took a shine to her. He thought she was his wife and made it clear that the deal would only go through if he had Sarah for the night, which he did. This story is the last trip, again London, again they met the Arab and and after dinner he wanted Sarah to accompany him to his hotel, he laid on a young girl for her friend for his pleasure. Sarah had no problems with it and neither did her friend, the Arab was in to showing dominance and power and being in control. He's in his late sixties, a big man with numerous wives. He took her to a very expensive hotel and when they got to the room she was taken back a little, waiting there was two more Arab men, one in his forties, the other probably seventy, all dressed in traditional Arab robes and head gear. They spoke in their own language for a short period and then the Arab took Sarah and kissed her, he stripped her, still talking arabic, showing her to his guests. They looked on as he paraded her, taking her to a table and proceeded to place a very expensive pearl necklace on her. He stripped naked and ordered her to kneel, his massive cock swung in front of her and she knew what to do. Very quickly he was fully hard, he held her head with one hand and massaged his own balls with the other, then he emptied his load in her. After he gestured for her to stay and the younger guy took his place, he wasn't very big and only lasted a short time before he shot his load in her, she knew the old guy was next and she blew him but he couldn't come. After cleaning up she was laid on the bed, the sheikh went down on her and almost immediately brought her off, he seemed pleased with this and climbed over her and forced his massive cock up her, she said it was uncomfortable at first and she was screaming like mad as he fucked her, the more she moaned the harder he fucked her, all the time talking to the others. He fucked her on all fours, she came again and now it was comfortable, he put her on her back, again entered her, held her hips and fucked her hard, she felt his cock swell and throb as he came deep in her pussy. He was really pleased in front of his guests and again offered her to them, again the young man went next but was no competition, coming very quickly. The old man was really well endowed too, but after witnessing the show before had him horny and he emptied his balls in her pussy but not until he made her cum again. Sarah showered and the other two left, the sheikh fucked her again and in the morning she awoke to find him licking her pussy, he fucked her again before returning her to where he found her. On the way he asked her if she would go to Dubai once every 6 weeks to service his friends, she will be highly rewarded. She's thinking of going, I might even go as her minder!!.