Written by cplforfun09

28 Apr 2010

My boyfriend and i have a very good sex life and when i'm not with him i be gagging for some, so i went on s4i one sunday and created a room "horny fem for dirty chat" well as you can imagine the room flooded with horny males looking to see who was talking dirty, so anyway i was chatting away to a few boys and they where getting me horny and even a few went to private rooms to wank for me, but one guy was amazing i couldn get over at how wet and horny he made me, he made me come in my knickers, i wanted to fuck him so hard, so i thought i'll meet him for a laugh see where it leads, so of course he was keen, so anyway we arranged to meet in a bar as he was from local to it was'n far for us to travel, we where talking anyway and he was keeping up the momentum of keepin me horny i just could'n resist him, i was wearing my good old faithfull short skirt with no knickers, i made him aware of this, i moved closer to him and rbbed at his leg while he talked to me, i knew he was a little apprehensive in the bar so i asked him did he want to sit outside at the tables, (best suggestion ever) as soon as we where alone and it was quiet he was all over me, i couldn resist him, i was soaking i had to have his warm come in me, so i pulled him behind some bushes and lay him down and pulled down his trousers he was rock hard, i just jumped on and rid him untill he exploded up inside me it was the best horny sex i ever had.. i got up fixed myself and sat back at the seats he joined me and we discussed six for a further while untill we decided to take it back to a hotel and make a horny sexy night off it.. he made me orgasm and come for hours..