Written by wilboni

19 Oct 2008

I was out for my usual sunday walk along the local river. I turned a corner and saw a strapping guy on a bridge with a camera. Itwas only as i got closer that i caught site of his girlfriend on the river bank. She was squatting with her trousers at her ankles and peeing like a torrent. As i got closer, rather than get embarrassed, she swivelled herself around and spread her legs as wide as she could. I was treated to a view of her sparsely forested slash with stream of golden pee gushing onto the ground. Meanwhile man on bridge was snapping away with his camera. They laughed as she dried her fanny with tissue and she spoke to him in what i think was Polish. By this time iwas nearly beside him on the bridge. He motioned to the camera and pointed at her and then handed the camera to me, indicated that he wanted me to photograph him and her. He then jumped down beside her and i spent the next ten minutes photographing her and him and they sucked and licked their way to climax. He spent his load into her open mouth and she gave me a wide smile with cum dribbling down her chin. They fixed their clothes and went on their way giggling like a pair of teenagers. Iheaded home and when the wife asked had i had a nice walk.....i just sighed and said......"It was a bit wet!"