Written by HornRod

4 Mar 2014

By HornRod

I just kept pile-driving my hardness deep inside Mandy as I felt my cum squirt from the eye of my cock and my foreskin roll back every time I pulled back before ramming it up her again.

My back arched as I grabbed hold of her hair with one hand and slapped the cheek of her arse with the other.

‘Joe, Joe ride me like a fucking horse, you horny bastard. Push that thick cock of yours further and further deep into me,’ Mandy shouted as she trembled with every orgasm that raced through her naked sweaty body.

I kept driving it in deeper, before I felt that electric tingly feeling rising again from the base of my balls and travelling up along to the tip of my rigid hard cock. I reached down, grabbed hold of her hips and drove my pulsating cock as deep as I could until I felt that warm flow burst out again from the tip of my six inch knob as wave after wave of spunk dribbled down between the cheeks of Mandy’s arse and onto the bed sheets where it dribbled onto and soaked in.

It was at this stage that I thought Mandy was spent until I felt her pussy lips tighten around my shrinking cock and begin sliding her pussy lips along its shaft. I felt it rise and harden again with every expert movement of her pussy along my manhood.

Mandy also felt me rise, reached back and began slamming me back into her pussy. She slowed somewhat, reached between her legs, took my cock out of her by now wringing wet pussy and placed it at the rim of her arse, telling me, ‘Joe, you fucking savage, I want you to tear the arsehole out of me and don’t stop until you shoot every last drop of cum that is left in your bollix up me.’

I had no lube, but I didn’t need any. I just had to reach down scoop a handful of her pussy cum onto my hand and smear it onto the ring of her hole. I then positioned my stiff rod at the entrance to her arse and began pressing forward. The sensation as the knob of my tool slowly burst into her hole was fucking amazing. Mandy gasped as she felt the thickness of it slowly enter, spread her hole and continue up slowly.

I continued with my slow entrance, as Mandy began shouting, ‘Ride me, for fucks sake, ride me fucking as hard as you fucking can,’ while at the same time she had a hand between her legs frantically rubbing her clit.

I came to a stop as my six-inch cock had gone in as far as it could. I felt the tightness of her hole. As she continued rubbing her fanny lips, I could feel that sensation running through her body and into the deepness of her hole.

All of a sudden, her hole clamed tight around my shaft. What felt like a massive explosion ripped through Mandy’s body as she had an enormous orgasm? I felt it also, as my balls tightened. At this stage I knew there was no holding back, so in an animal like thrust, I drove my cock to the hilt ands shot every last drop of spunk I had in me, squirt after squirt.

As my cock withered and slipped out so did a stream of spent spunk flow out of her hole.

Mandy lay on the bed totally exhausted.

Turning to me, she said ‘Joe that was just totally absolutely fucking amazing. Why don’t you put what has just happened up on Swing4Ireland so that any who wants to read about it can pull themselves off or rub their pussies until they cum and afterwards tell us what it was like cuming to our story?

So that is why, my dear reader, I have posted this.

Enjoy, because we did.

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