Written by AW

16 Sep 2016

My wife Karen and I were out on the town at the weekend, it was the usual thing, pubs and ending in a club with some friends. One of those was my best friend Dave, he is a real ladies man, never short of women, but has always told me how much he'd love to have Karen. She's 26, dark hair, toned fit body with big tits that are adorned by huge nipples, she's a real dream girl. I am open about sex but Karen is very straight laced, likes to flirt but that is as far as it goes.

Dave and I were watching her dance and he was drooling looking at her, tight white top that showed off her nipples, tight jeans that showed her lovely arse. I said to Dave to come back to ours and see what happens, she was drinking and in a great mood so I knew she'd be horney.

Back at ours we had a couple more drinks, I started to kiss Karen and knew she was ready so I said we were calling it a night, Karen went on and I told Dave to give us ten minutes and to come to our room and see what happens.

Karen was naked lying on the bed when I went in, I stripped and went down on her, eating her pussy, she was so wet and tasted so good. She wanted me to mount her but I said I wanted a bj and got on my back. She got on all fours and started to suck my cock, I played with her tits and saw Dave arrive in our room, naked and a really big cock that was fully hard. He stood watching and stroking his cock, Karen never lifted her head so I signalled him to go for it. Before Karen knew anything about it he was behind her pushing his cock between her legs, she was startled and pulled her head from my cock, but I held her in place and told her relax. She looked at Dave, then me and I told her it's ok, enjoy it. With this she seemed to relax, she looked up at me, widened her legs more for Dave. I held her in place as my friend pushed his big cock into my wife's pussy, she moaned and bit her lip as Dave started to give her a good fucking. Dave was enjoying it, telling her how good it was, and when he said he was ready to unload that's when Karen finally spoke, "fill me up, I want your cum inside me ", so Dave pumped my wife's pussy full of cum before pulling out to give me my turn. I got her on her back and added mine to Daves load, she was totally relaxed now and eagerly sucked Daves cock back to glory again. We took turns fucking her all night and again next morning, I think I've opened a door now and Karen is going to get more of the same in the future.