14 May 2017

We were only dating a few weeks when I realized my girl was a real flirt, she couldnt help herself or didnt realize she was doing it.

If we were in a bar or club she would be flirting with the doormen on the way in or getting chatted up by guys at the bar or on the dance floor and it didnt take long for me to start getting insecure but she would always laugh and say "its just my nature babe" and she would do her best to reasure me that I was her man though it didnt stop be being insanely jealous when she was out with her friends.

I should add that we were both 18 when we started dating and she was and still is much more outgoing that me and as it would turn out much more sexually experienced than me.

Any time she would go out with her friends I would get knots in my stomach imagining that other guys were trying it on with her and that she would be loving the attention and there were the odd occassion when she would be distant with me after being out with her freinds, as my closest friend would tell me all the tell tale signs she was messing around. But I was so smitten with her I refused to believe it.

Any time I brought it up she would have me wrapped around her little finger and I would end up feeling bad for even doubting her.

Over the next year or so our she seemed to grow out of her flirting and we became quite a settled down couple, we got engaged and moved in together and by the time we were 22 we had a baby. We were quite mature now, we hardly went out any more but little did I know everything was about to change forever.

We were visiting her parents at the weekend and she had been chatting with her friends on FB and arranged to meet up in her parents local. Her younger sister was babysitting for us so we could have a few drinks with her folks as well.

As the night wore on her friends were pushing us to go to the local night club but I said I would go home with her folks and that she she should enjoy a night out with her friends, so she gave me a kiss and left with her friends and I admired the view from behind as she walked up the street in her tight knee lenght dress and high heels.

It must have been around 4am when I heard her stumbling around the room trying not to wake me or the baby in the travel cot, I turned on the lamp and asked her did she have a good night, she smiled and told me how much she loved me and how drunk she was.

She sat on the bed and asked me to unzip her dress and as I did so I realized she was not wearing knickers, I asked her where her knickers had gone and she paused for a second and said she must have taken them off in the toilet when she came in which I didnt believe for a second but I didnt want to start an argument as she looked so hot tonight I just wanted to kiss her all over. She stood up and let the dress fall on the floor and I unhooked her bra as she stood naked in front of me I kissed her belly and began to suck her tits as I reached my hand between her legs to feel her pussy but she stopped me and and said she wasnt clean, she pushed me back on the bed and straddled me placing her moist pussy over my now throbbing cock, she looked at me and said you know I love you dont you now tell me you love me as she pushed her sloppy pussy down on my cock, she put her hands on my chest as she slowly grinded her hips and she said promise me you still love me even though I fucked some one else tonight, I said you know i will always love you no matter what but who I said, her friends older brother had picked them up and she had fucked him before several times before we met, he dropped her off last and she was flirting with him in the car so he pulled up at the end of the road and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, he never said anything but she just leaned over and started to suck his cock, she said he had a huge cock and when he pulled it out she couldnt resist as she remembered how good it felt, she got out of the car slipped her knickers off and lay back on the back seat and he fucked her hard and fast before dropping her at the house.