Written by supermandenny

7 Jan 2010

I have this gorgeous, sexy lady fuck budy for 12 months now. At 42 she has a body to die for and uses it to perfection! I had been away for a week out of the country with work but we still managed to talk and text daily, often ending in phone sex at all hours of the night.

On my return I couldn't wait to see her that night, so I went directly to her work from the airport. She looked as hot as ever with her breasts showing out of her top. She saw me looking and moved closer to me and brushed her hand across my cock, which was starting to harden quickly.

She said "Let's go for a drive

" That was it, no holding me back then. We drove about 1 km down the road to a school car park where we stopped at the most remote end. Within seconds we were kissing and had our hands all over each other. My hand was inside her top while she had unzipped my cock, which was now flowing freely with pre-cum. My other hand was down behind her, reaching underneath to massage her clit through her pants.

That was it, she wanted to fuck, so we jumped into the back seat, stripped each other�s clothes off and then she proceeded to climb on top of my cock and fuck me. Not even passing cars and one or two pedestrians could stop us now. The thought of others watching us turned us on even more. Within minutes she came to an earth-shattering orgasm, fucking my rock hard cock as she did. She slid off, then took my cock to her mouth, which pushed me over the edge. I exploded all over myself as she wanked me off. That was the most amazing orgasm one could have!