13 Oct 2015

Myself ,James and my widower brother in law of 4 years peter went out to our local recently for a few drinks , their was a good lively crowd their , we found a seat and got a round of drinks in. James and Peter were eyeing up the local talent and the conversation got round to talking about sex. James asked in a joking manner when was the last time he had sex , and to our surprise he said he had not had any in the last four years we all laughed and thought no more of it . Their is a small dance floor in the pub and I asked James to come out and dance , but he was busy talking about the local football team , Peter said come on I go with you ,we were dancing away when the music changed to a slow set . Peter held me close and I could feel him pushing up against my groin I responded. I don't know what came over me but i slipped my hand between our bodies and squeezed him .He looked down at me and me at him and we just walked to the door and into the car park . once their Peter turned me around lifted up my dress took my pants pulled out his dick and entered me while trying to grab my boobs . In about forty seconds he filled my pussy with cum it shot out of him like a bullet from a gun Hot cum shooting up me and then running down my legs it was all over in less than a minute . I pulled up my pants Peter tidied himself up and we went back into the pub the music was still playing . We went back to our seats and i don't think James even knew we were gone

Fastest quickie ever can any beat that Never saw or felt his cock