Written by TITAN79

21 Apr 2009

All through the meal we had been chatting harmlessly with the rest of the table, the dinner was nice but then the mysterious foot sliding up my thigh got my attention as I look across at you presuming you are the culprit.

You smile innocently at me, I know you've ha d a long trip here and the anticipation of

Re-acquainting ourselves has been on your mind. We finish what we are doing, heading toward the room like teenagers sneaking away. In the lift I'd planned to grab you and start to kiss you , affirming my similar thoughts to yours, just as the doors close an Old guy walks in, the disappointment in both our eyes is obvious, damn, how long does it take an elevator to get to the first floor!!!

Leaving the lift I lead you urgently to the room, throwing open the door, you need the loo....as you women always do lol, I reckon getting undressed in this time window isn't a bad plan so I take of my clothes, Jump in the bed and wait with my head cocked on folded arm. You reappear, having obviously had the same though, yer nakedness makes my cock stir, and you lean onto the bed and curl into me, kissing passionately with a hunger a few months having not played has caused. You tell me to get on top, I oblige, your wet already, I delve one then two fingers inside you, working your pussy with intent, wanting to see that look on your face that I know so well when you come. You hold my hand in place with both of your hands and your eyes roll as you gasp with the pleasure.

I grab your ankles sliding up to you, My cock inches from your opening, hungry to invade your heat and wetness, I push forward, god I forgot how tight you are, I push in a bit more, your pelvis bucks towards me, wanting to speed up my entrance, I slide in your legs wrap around my back, I push forward with all my force and start to get my rhythm, your moans getting louder, I worry for a sec ond about the rooms thin walls, though my pleasure soon erases all worries as I start to fuck you wildly and with passion, you rise to my thrusts and clamp your legs hard around me, telling me your almost as close as I am , just as I cum you ask me to feed you, you missed dessert and want my cream. Pulling out I stand and offer my throbbing cock head to your lips your tongue swirls on it and soon My cheeks clench as I unload my offering to your hungry lips, tongue, and throat, you hold it there and moan with pleasure as your fingers scoop up any stray drops back to your hungry lips, you smack your lips and swallow with a smile. I lean forward, kiss you and then we realise we've just 20 minutes to get ready for the party.