Written by fieldplay

13 Jul 2013

Last Wednesday night Stephen was working late and I was at home feeling horny,so I decided to go pay him a visit....but I wanted to surprise him so I got dressed up in my fishnet crothless body stocking..( some of you will have already seen the pics). .... As its about an hour drive away I was getting hot and excited on the way there

I pulled up at his work place and as he had already heard car driving in he came to have a look,at this stage I had opened down the window and was sitting in passenger seat with my legs up on dashboard fucking myself with a vibrator,Stephen came and stood by window and just watched me at first till I made myself cum which didn't talk long as I was so horny my pussy was really wet and juicy,he reached in window and touched my nipple I was super sensitive and I nearly had another orgasm just by touch

Stephen took the vibrator from me and as I lifted my legs up high he was pumping me hard with it making me squirt,my juices running down to my ass

I opened the door and took his cock out of his jeans and started to suck hard on him,he was fucking my mouth so hard that he was making me gag,but I needed to feel that hard cock in my pussy.....so I handed him a condom and as he was putting it on I turned him around and started licking his ass,he reached around and spread his cheeks apart till I was tongue fucking him.....after few mins he turned me around till I had ass in air and he fucked me doggy style till we both exploded.....we never spoke for the whole session which added to the excitement and then I just got back into driver seat and went home......leaving him there....:-)