Written by Anonymous

13 Dec 2008

it was a thursday night,i was out with my friends from work,she was at home doing what women do on a thursday night....eastenders or what ever !!anyway turns out paul came into town in a taxi with me as we were the only two that lived in town...i asked him back to the house for a drink or two and he gladly accepted...on arrival she greeted me enbarrassed in her pj's with the compulsury no knickers or bra!!not expectig a guest but turned on by him seeing her nipples erect through her top at the hall door when she answered...

paul asked could he use the toilet and as i told him where it was she pulled me into the kitchen and dropped to her knees ripping my cock from my levis and getting it from soft to steel in a matter of seconds..she looked at me and whispered is tonight the night?to which i replied of course it is........

i heard the toilet flush and paul trumping down the stairs,you can imagine his surprise walking into the kitchen seeing my wife sucking hard on my cock,she looked at him and said come over here...she took his placid cock from his trousers and sucked it hard...looked at me with delight and said"two hard cocks,what more could a women want"as she tried to suck them both

. we moved to the sitting room where she told us both to sit before sucking us both,one after the other,getting us both rigid before she threw her leg over mine and fucked me with her back facing me while taking pauls cock full on into her mouth as he stood in front of us

before i could cum she stopped girating and turned telling paul to ram his cock into her and fuck her hard and fast.she stuck her ass in the air and swallowed my cock,she bit and sucked on it til i heard her gasp as paul slipped his cock straight up into her.for the next few minutes all i can remember is the sound of hips hitting ass,balls hitting stomach,mouth sucking cock and moans of delight from all three of us.

as i came into her mouth she swallowed before sharply turning and taking pauls cock into her mouth and sucking him slow and hard til he erupeted,bursting hot and sticky juice into her already full throat.

she sighed with fulfilment before disappering to bed telling me to make sure i let the cat out and locked up before i went to bed....i called paul a taxi and after he left i wanked thinking about what had happened earlier that night....