Written by R

31 Oct 2015

My girl S' old workplace had a get-together last night. Her old buddies invited her and I went along too. There were several young sexy people and around and we were having a great time enjoying the drinks.

S's Old friend T was there too. He had used to hit on her for ages but never managed to seal the deal with her. S said that hes got a lot better looking that he used to and he had clearly been hitting the gym. He was about 5.8' blonde hair and very fit. S is slim, tall and brunette. She was wearing a tight dark blue dress that was just over her knees and she had stockings on with suspenders underneath. The slit of her dress would let an eager eye person see the top of her stocking when her legs were crossed.

A number of guys she used to know were chatting away to her and hitting on her and all but T were put off when I was close to her. He was very keen to chat and see what she's been up to. The three of us had great conversation and the drinks kept flowing. I left him and S chat away and as I mingled and I could see him draw closer and closer towards her and staring her her legs and stockings.

I went towards S and whispered that he's really into her and this could be fun , she giggled .. unfortunately he may have taken it personally and left to the bar,S was getting frustrated that he wasn't making any moves on her and I wasn't sure he had it in him to do it... so I asked her to get his number and well arrange another meeting. He came back with his pint and we had more chats. I too asked for his Number as we got very friendly ..

I'll end it here.. the next step is to make this happen for S