16 Dec 2014

Myself and my GF hadn't been away in four years due to some financial problems so we got the money together to book a 4 star hotel near Oura beech. We hadn't been having sex much and had been with each other over 10 years. I had never slept with anyone else she had before me and had on other occasions too I suspect but she always denied this.

Anyway on our 4th day there the sun had been shining none stop for the four days, and heat definitely makes the mrs horny. She is generally shy about her body even thou it's great she had big huge tits a lovely hard round ass with slim waist not like a six pack or anything just slim with extra bit around the stomach.

I went for a walk and when I came back there was a guy sitting on the edge of her sun longer talking to her as she just lay there in bikini bottoms and big sun glasses, needless to say when I came back I wasn't too happy and the guy sensed it and judt left. She could tell I wasn't happy but she just said toilets NOW she got up and swaggered to the toilets I followed when we got in it was a 1 cubicle unisex toilet she leaned over the toilet and said fuck me like a stranger. So I did she called me jay for the whole time I shot my load right up her pussy she put her hand between her pussy lips and took cum on her fingers and sucked them off. Said that was jay on the edge of my bed I wanted to fuck him so much I'm so glad you came back when you did I was thinking of him thou. She kissed me and walked back out to sun lounger.

Later before we got ready to go out we had amazing sex again she even let me cum in her mouth which she never had done before, while we where out I couldn't stop thinking about fucking her again then she went to the toilet and a blonde a little younger than I blew me a kiss from a table about 10 yards away I blew one back for the laugh she came over and started flirting like mad with me my gf was gone a little while then she came back the blonde was still there my GF introduced herself and offered to get a drink which was accepted and I went and got when I came back my GF was alone I said sorry about that it's was quite awkward she said don't be silly ill drink her drink we should go home then it was right next door so we just took drinks with us I opened the hotel door as my GF had left hers inside when I got in the blonde was sitting on the bed still in her clothes looking a little scared but smiling too. My GF said if we are going to move forward in this relationship you need to fuck someone else, this girl wants to fuck you and I wanna watch. It took me about 5 minutes to agree to it and to make sure the other girl was ok with this whole situation when everything was sorted I just kissed my GF and then slowy started to take off this blondes clothes she had the most amazing body small and firm had the sexy hard 4 pack stomach and perfect hard small tits I'd never experienced this before, it was amazing such a tight smoth slim body. Once I had her naked I lay on the bed and let her from cowboy position undress me. She came down to my trobbing hard cock and took it slowly and deep into her mouth she came up and kissed me her lips where so soft she was gentel she told me she would make sure I'd never forget this night. She sat on my cock and faces my GF who was sitting at a chair in front of the mirrored table I could see her teasing my GF about fucking me looking at her moaning and saying how good it was I couldn't see my GF thou, I grabbed the blonde by her tiny waist and got up behind her and positioned her on all fours so I could fuck her while looking at my GF, she was just sitting there I told her to rub herself she wasn't keen at first but did after a while I stuck my hand out to pull her into the bed she came close and we started kissing as I was fucking the blonde. She couldn't handle any more told me to fuck her she swapped with the blonde and I fucked my GF so fucken hard she was shaking she came so quickly and left a big pool under her the blonde just said she wanted that too my GF told her to be quick because she wanted my load in her mouth I ponded the blonde who was also then screaming I was about to explode I asked was she finished oh god ye oh god ye I want your load tooo please they both shot over to take my cock it was slipping bet ebb there mouths I put into my GF who took my cum but I kept some for the blonde the both swallowed and the three of us lay down giggling like teens and where asleep soon after I awoke in middle of the night to the blonde sucking me off it was the most amazing sexual experience ever