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26 Mar 2010

popping down to the pub for a quick one!


3 minute read

Me and a couple of my mates usually go down to the ******* in Waterford for a few bevvies every friday and Saturday. It is a great spot with plenty of craic and is usually buzzing. This weekend a while bak was no different except this time the was a group of 20 or so girls out on a hen night. A few of the lassies were right stunners and they knew it because they were strutting their stuff. About half way through the night I went outside for a ciggie and there were a few of the hen group out there. I got chatting to one of them Ger was her name.She was about 40, about 5.3 and with a great ass and a nice pair of tits with about 2 inches of cleavage on show. She was merry and very chatty and very touchy touchy feely feely. I was wondering what chance i might have when i spotted the wedding ring on her finger. She cought me glancing at the ring and just winked at me and leant over and whispered in my ear that she loved being a naughty girl. At the same time she was rubbing her breast against the hand holding my pint. Feck I thought here i am playing tit tennis with this girl and as soon as it started she gave me a peck on the cheek an said see you later. I went back into the lads with my hard on and told them what had happened to which they replied "in your dreams". Anyway the night was the usual talk of soccer, hurling and women when one of my mates nudged me as Ger was making her way towards me. She asked did I have a ciggie as she was all out. No prob I said as i got up and went out with her. This time I was prepared and I places my hand around her back. I rubbed and felt that she was wearing no bra. I didnt get any resistance so i placed my hand down around her ass. Ger smiled and said did I like that. By now she had started to rub ehr hand across my rock hard cock. I leant over and gave her a kiss and asked did she want to go for a small walk. She grabbed me by the hand and we headed off for the car park. Once out of sight she was like an animal grabbing my crotch. I cupped her tits and lifted the out of her top. Her little pink nipples were as hard as rocks. I leant down and started to suck them. As this was happening Ger was undoing my trousers. In no time my Cock was out and ger dropped to the squat position and was sucking my bell end. God she was good. This girl knew how to suck. I was not far off cumming and she could sense it by feeling how tight my nuts were getting. I wanted to expode down her throat but Ger had other ideas. She stopped and looked up at me and said she " I want your cock in me" Oh what words to hear. I said baby I am yours. ger got to her feet and immediately my hand went down to her hairy pussy. She lifted 1 leg as i rubbed her pussy lips before sliding 2 fingers into her moist crack. By now my knob wanted in. I turned her around bent her over the bonnet of the car and slide my knob into her. We were fucking like rabbits when Ger said "Up my ass". I whipped my cock out and gently eased it into her tight ass. Boy it was tight. After a min of slow fucking i knes i was cumming. Ger said she wanted it in the ass. I came like there was no tomorrow. Ger turned bsck to me pulled the top back over her tits and her dress back down geve me a kiss and said we must do it again some time. She disappeared around the corner and back into the pub. I am still waiting to see her again!!!

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