Written by TKMax

23 Jun 2014

George is an elderly man that I had done some work for a few years previous to this encounter, he lived alone but was in remarkable shape for his age, mainly due to regular excercise and a love of playing golf. We became friends and I used to do odd jobs and call on him for visits from time to time, it was on one of these visits that George was to get very lucky. My partner Sarah was with me, dressed in tight fitting white top and jeans, her top showing off her 36DD tits to perfection. As I attended to my odd job Sarah and George chatted away and he proceeded to tell her his life story. He was a real gent and complimented her on her looks and figure, Sarah was of course loving this and the more he said the bolder she got, he couldnt take his eyes off her tits and I couldnt blame him for that as they are amazing. As I worked away the talk turned to be more a case of banter and flirty comments, George said I was a very lucky man to have a woman like Sarah in my bed each night, she in turn said he was so nice he must have plenty of offers himself. He went on to explain that since his wife passed away 20 years ago he did not have the pleasure of being with a woman. Sarah asked if he had not availed of the many beautiful Escorts that are in every town in the country, but George explained that apart from the cost, he also had confidence issues since he only ever had been with his wife. Sarah joked that from what she could see he need not worry, George was embarrased as Sarah was referring to a rather obvious erection that George was unable to hide. She told him not to be embarrassed as it was natural and a compliment to her that he was turned on,I could tell she was as turned on as much by the way her erect nipples poked through her top. Sarah got up and went to where George sat and placed her hand on his cock through his trousers, he looked at me and I nodded my approval, he was not to know we like to involve others in our fun. Sarah unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock,it wasnt fully erect but was still a very impressive size. " Lets see if we can sort this out" Sarah said as she pulled off her top to reveal her beautiful tits to George, I watched as she started to stroke his rapidly stiffening cock as he felt her tits and played with her nipples. This was obviously too much for George and pretty quickly his massive cock started to pump spurt after spurt of cum all over her hand as she continued to wank him off. At this stage I too had a raging horn and was eager to unload my cum too. As I wanked I went over to Sarah and she took over, taking my cock in the same hand that was covered in Georges cum. I would not be happy with a wank though, I wanted to fuck her and I didnt care where we were. I pulled her jeans down to reveal her bald pussy to George, the first one he had seen in so many years.

As George sat there in the after glow of coming, his limp cock just resting on his lap, I proceeded to take Sarah right there in front of him, animal lust taking over. I laid Sarah down on the carpet in front of the fire and helped myself to her wet pussy, I love to lick her juices and this always gets her off, as I licked her and she came I could feel my cock ready to explode swinging underneath me, so I just had to have her and started fucking her for all I was worth, it didnt take too long until I could feel it coming so I pulled out and came all over her tits. It was only then that I looked at George, he had obviousy enjoyed the show as he was pumping a very large and hard cock, enjoying the sight of Sarah spread out in front of him, her pussy open and wet, her body glistening in sweat and her tits covered in cum. She just lay there and I knew she wanted more cock, so I looked at George and told him to enjoy himself. I was done so I just sat back and watched as George stripped off and took my place between Sarahs legs, for the first time in 20 years he tasted a very wet and juicy pussy as he licked it like a pro. Sarah as always likes to return pleasure so she went to work on his cock, sucking his balls as well as his cock for all she was worth. She then got on her back and invited him to fuck her, nervously he knelt between her legs and gently eased his massive cock into her tight pussy, even though she was extremely turned on and wet it was an effort to get his cock into her, Sarah has had many cocks fuck her pussy but never one as impressive or big as Georges. He took it slowly at first until he could feel her pushing her pussy back at him, Sarah was determined to make the most of it and rolled George over so she could ride him on top, she was now in control and fucked him until she started coming all over the monster cock that was making her pussy his own. She then went on all fours and George pushed his cock into her now easier to penetrate and willing pussy, "fuck me hard and cum in my pussy" Sarah shouted, and thats just what he did. He fucked her like a man that hadnt fucked a pussy for years or didnt know if he ever would again, long deep strokes, his heavy balls slapping her with every stroke as her tits swung freely under her, she was coming again and this brought him off, his movement slowed as he started to fill her with his seed, he groaned as his last thrust was deep,his massive cock pulsating as it emptied its load in her pussy. He stayed in her for a moment, then pulled out and his cock just swung softly between his legs. Sarah was well and truly fucked and his massive load was dripping from her pussy, after we got home I fucked her again, turned on by what i had seen. George thanked us for giving him not only the time of his life but his confidence back, he has since on a few occasions gone to visit Escorts and is a new man, Sarah was happy for him but I know deep down she would love to have that cock fuck her again, who knows? she may get her wish.