Written by TKMax

9 May 2016

Claire is an elderly woman, late sixties, slim and always immaculately dressed. She is the wife of a prominent businessman in our town, and until a few years ago was living next door to Sara and I. Over the years we developed a great friendship, and Claire loved popping in to ours for a coffee and hearing all about our wild stories. Sara is very forward and loved to shock Claire with the details, until one day Claire confided that she hadn't had sex for ten years as her husband was impotent. She said she loved hearing about our encounters and often imagined herself in those situations. Sara used to tease her by saying she should join us, and the more she did she could sense a change in her. One day she was talking about it and said her husband had told her many times he understood her needs and didn't mind as long as she was discreet. Sara convinced her to have some fun and said I would be ideal for the task. I was very happy because Claire was a real stunner in her day, and she looked after herself very well.

On the night, Sara went out and left us alone so it would be easier for Claire. After a drink and some small talk to relax Claire, I took her to the bedroom. She was extremely nervous, I held her and kissed her deeply, I felt her tits through her blouse and placed a hand on her arse to pull her close to me. I have to admit I was so turned on by what was about to happen, I'd lusted after her for years and now it was going to happen. I stripped naked in front of her, she just stood watching as I took her hand and placed it on my cock. She looked shyly at me and started to wank it slowly, my own lust took over and I selfishly put my hands on her shoulders forcing her to her knees. She was so shy, not sure what to do or say, so I told her to suck it. She started to suck it and it was apparent that she hadn't done it before, but I didn't care, it was an amazing feeling have this beautiful posh old lady sucking on my cock and turning me on so much. I grabbed her head in my hands and started to fuck her mouth, she just went with it and then I felt my balls tighten and without warning I pumped my load into her mouth. She just kept on sucking and what she didn't swallow dripped out from her mouth. It was amazing and I knew she'd have me hard again in no time as I wanted her so much. I told her how mind blowing it was, then stripped her naked and complimented her on how sexy she looked. She had a slim body, C cup tits that sagged slightly, and a natural pussy, which is rare for me these days. I took her tits in my mouth and gently sucked on them as I fingered her pussy. I put her on her back and told her it was her time to pleasured, I spread her legs and started to eat her pussy, she moaned and closed her eyes as I devoured her delicious pussy. I then moved over her to kiss her deeply, letting her taste her own pussy on my mouth, my stiffening cock rubbed on her pussy and I knew she was ready to be taken. I rubbed my cock along her slit before forcing it in, she moaned loudly and bit her lip as I pushed it all the way in, nearly out, then back in again. I've learned a lot from watching Sara being fucked by some good studs, and I wanted to make it special for Claire. I got her to get on top of me and ride me for a while, then i fucked her doggy style, hard and fast making her tits swing under her. I again put her on her back, mounted her again and began to fuck her really fast. I could feel my self getting closer, I slowed down and kissed her. I looked into her eyes, told her how amazing it was and with a couple of slow strong strokes I emptied my cum in her pussy. I appreciate the feeling of coming inside another mans wife, I wanted her to know how special it was. I kissed her until my cock softened, we then lay side by side, chatting and relaxed. She said she had enjoyed it and would like to do it again, I'm delighted with that and I'm sure in time we'll have more stories to tell.