Written by TKMax

20 Jan 2015

On a recent visit to Galway, Sarah and I met with an older retired couple in our hotel restaurant after dinner. We all went to the bar for drinks and settled in a quiet corner. We all got on really well, but Sarah is very friendly and puts people at ease straight away. Another talent Sarah has is to somehow always get the conversation turned towards sex, double meanings and flirting. Jim was in his element but Kate was a bit reserved and shy. Jim eventually confided that they had enjoyed a healthy sex life up until 10 years previous when he started having difficulty. He said he tried various treatment but to no avail, Kate never complained but he felt guilty and had urged her to take a casual lover to satisfy her needs. Of course Sarah nominated me to help her out, I could see she was embarrassed, as I was but with Jim and Sarah both urging us on suddenly there we were in the lift on the way to my room. I assured Kate I was as nervous as her and told her we didn't have to do any thing at all if that's what she wanted. I have to say I was very attracted to her, she had a very good body for her age, about 69, petite build with styled grey hair.

Once in the room I kissed Kate, she didn't protest as my tongue explored her mouth. I pressed myself against her so she could feel my hard cock, telling her I want her. She said nothing at all, I carressed her body, first the roundness of her arse and then I felt her big full breasts. She moaned as I fel her tits, I was getting so turned on now and really wanted to fuck her. I took control and opened her blouse, her tits spilled out of her bra, I removed it and was greeted by two magnificent tits, big nipples longing to be sucked. I sucked on one as I played with the other, as I did I op her skirt letting it fall to the floor leaving her in just her knickers, heels and shoes. I backed her onto the bed, easing her on her back, all the while nothing was said. I pulled down her knickers revealing her hairy pussy, I kissed my way up her legs and she moaned as she parted her legs more to allow me access. I fingered and licked her hairy pussy, which was new to me as for years I've only ever had shaved pussies. I quickly stripped off,Kate just stared at my cock, I moved towards her head and placed my cock near her mouth. She took it in her hand and pumped it, kissing it and licking it. I don't know if it was shyness or if she wasn't used to oral, but she seemed reluctant. I got between her legs and kissed her again as my cock pushed against her hairy pussy, I rubbed it up and down her slit, I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her, she just nodded yes. I pushed my cock in, it was tight, slowly I pushed, more each time until I could feel her relax. She moaned and bit her lip as I fucked her, seeing this made me horny and I started to fuck her really hard. Thinking of how horny I get when Sarah is getting a new cock made me so wild. I got Kate to mount me, seeing this attractive older grey lady riding my cock, her first in years was heaven. She was now only thinking of herself, no guilt or embarrassment. She moaned loudly as she exploded on my cock, her pussy hair matted in sweat and come, her juices running down my balls.

I got her on all fours and fucked her hard, her tits swinging with each thrust. She screamed as I fucked her, and the more she screamed the more I wanted her. I put her on her back and her pussy was so wet and waiting, I easily slipped in again and selfishly started to fuck her, I suck her tits and kissed her as I furiously fucked her. When I was coming I looked into her eyes, such a great feeling to be filling her with cum after all those years.

After we lay there, both happy for our own reasons, she is a beautiful woman for her age and I hope to repeat it again.