Written by Anonymous

3 Dec 2010

About 10 years ago when i was 29 i was having a pint after work in the cliften court hotel(now demolished) along the quays their in Dublin, it was about 6.30 pm on a friday, as im stood at the bar with a pint of stout this young fella in his late teens starts talking to me, asking where im from and what im up to in Dublin and he started telling me how him and his girlfreind were from Carlow but were flatminding for her aunty while she was on holiday. Any way i just thought he was making converse because the back bar was quiet until he followed me the the jacks and stood beside me as i went, me thinking he was getting to freindly i told him to piss off, but then he laughed and said sorry for checking me out "its just that my girlfreind fancies you"

He then explained that him and his girlfreind both 19 had often discussed their fantasizes, hers being to get fucked by a rugged older exp guy and his to watch her being fucked and used in every way. i guessed me being 6,1 well built with scruffy blonde hair and in my work gear(im a shuttering carpenter)i must fit the bill. i sat down at a table with them just for the craic as she wasnt that much to look at, skinny with mousy brown hair and glasses and she seemed very nervous so i wasnt sure whether she was up 4 it, but what the hell i went along with them in a taxi to the flat in drumcondra. when we were in the door the young fella started telling her that i had a a fat cock and she should get the ball rolling, she got on her knees and i unzipped my jeans and she started to suck my cock as he was messing with himself, in no time i was hard and began to unwind a bit so i told her get undressed which she did revealing a slender figure with nice perky tits, i picked her up and lifted her on to my cock as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, i was holding her up by the cheecks of her arse as she cried out n moaned as she jerked up n down i could feel her pussy getting so moist i could feel her juice running down the shaft of my cock, after about ten min i let her down n put her on her back on the couch with her legs over my shoulders and i started to fuck the living daylights outa her as her boyfreind told me to fuck her her harder as well as telling her he loved her, she came again and again before i blew my load all over her tight pussy, when i pulled out he told her so suck my cock again which she did. he then told me how she had never fucked analy before but was willing, he wanted to watch some 1 bugger her before he did, so after an hour of so of chatting and a few cans he produced a jar of vaseline and said she wants a fat cock in her arse not his pecker? so on her hands n knees on the living room floor i greaes her up and began nudging my cock into her bum i had to keep my thumb on the top of cock to stop it slidind up her back, as i got it in and started to push in as deep as i could she cried out and said it hurts but as i started to pull back out she cried no fuck my hole, hurt me so i fucked her hard n deep and she screamed and cried out n i came after about 2 or 3 min she was that tight, when i pulled out my cock was sore and her hole looked sorer as i sat on the couch falling asleep she was on her knees with my cum coming out of her bum as the boyfreind started to kiss her n play with her pussy, people are strange!