Written by Paul O

24 Sep 2016

My wife Katie and I have been married for 20 years and have a very active sex life, we enjoy fantasies and trying new things. Our friend Sam invited us to a barbecue at his, he never married and likes to live life to the full. We regularly go out with him and his friends, and this was just another party. We usually stay over as do anyone else that get too drunk to drive. It was really late and just Sam, Katie and I was left in the lounge drinking. We were all pretty well hammered, Katie started to kiss me and I was really turned on knowing Sam was present, I'm not sure if Katie really knew or cared, but as we had often talked about this situation I started to get it on with her as if we were alone. Sam just watched as I got Katie naked, she is a petite blonde, small pert tits and a landing strip on her pussy. I was sucking her tits and fingering her, I gave Sam a nod to get involved, and as he stripped Katie got on all fours to suck my cock as I sat on the couch. Sam wasted no time, he immediately went behind Katie and with his cock in his hand he placed it at the entrance to her pussy and started to push it into her. Katie kept sucking me but widened her legs to allow him easy access. I wasn't sure if she knew who was fucking her but she was responding, backing onto the cock that was exploring her pussy. Watching Sam fuck my wife was making me get really close, Katie was cumming and moaning loudly as I held her head and fucked her mouth, Sam was holding her by the hips as he started to shout "oh fuck yeah, here it comes " as he filled her pussy with his cum. Then things went crazy, Bill, a single buddy of Sam that we thought had gone home but had fallen asleep upstairs, appeared in the room, quickly removed his boxers and as soon as Sam had pulled out he just went for it. I opened my eyes as I came in her mouth to find another cock make its way into my wife's cunt, Katie just put her head down and took all he could give her, after a good solid fucking, Bill pulled out and turned Katie on her back before wanking off over her tits, then putting his cock in her mouth to clean him up. Sam and I had gone to the kitchen to get some drinks, and when we returned we found Craig, Sams 21 year old nephew who had a girlfriend asleep upstairs, lining up his cock with her pussy, Katie grabbed his hips to help him in. He didn't last long before he shot his load in her pussy too , he just sucked her tits and pulled out before heading back to his girlfriend. Next morning Katie said she had a great time, it was certainly hot and I hope we have more experiences like that in the future, and hopefully next time we can get another lady involved.