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Fun in Toilet

"Every guys fantasy"
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This happened many years ago myself and my gf were out watching one of my old football clubs playing and we headed back to a nearby pub to had few drinks I offcourse was driving so I insisted that she have a few drinks we new all the lads as in my playing time I was friends with them all anyway my partner has an amazing ass and 36E tits which they all can't get over, some of the lads were over and back chatting to us I asked her if she fancied any of them and there was one in perticular that she did so I said I bet you wouldn't text him and say how's it going I gave her his number and she texted him a few texts back and forward and a few conversations she said I have to go to the toilet I noticed as she left he also left to use the toilet she was gone for a good 15mins before she came back, I said jesus that was long she I had a bit of fun why what happened and she told me her words,

Well let say his name was (Mark) texted me to go into the ladies toilet and he would follow me in I was nervous about going in but excited at the same time so in I went and was there for like 10secs and Mark came in and grabbed me straight away and start kissing tongue down my throat Mark unbutton my blouse and cup my tits but then pulled the bra above my tits to let them drop he started sucking on my now hard nipples and pinching them which turned me on even more I reached down to his bulge in his shorts and cock must have been 8 inches hard he lifted me up onto the sink lifted my dress up and ripped my g-string from me and discarded it in the corner before he start licking my bald pussy he said he wanted my pussy so bad and decided he had to have it know so he pulled me off the sink and bent me over the sink and started to fuck me he was pounding my wet pussy with the juices splashing over both of us and he pounded me I was loving it just then he then said we better go out in case somebody comes in so we fixed ourselves and went back out,

15 mins later I got a text to go back in so I did and into a cubicle we went no knickers on me I started to suck his cock as he sat on the toilet he was hard in seconds and grabbing me by the back of my head making sure I take all his cock he then told me to sit on his swollen cock as I was about to he said no I want you reverse cowgirl and so I slowly lowered myself down until he was balls deep inside my my god I was shaking as I began my slow rythem on his cock soaking wet I was more turned on than ever faster he said and harder I was cuming multiple times on his cock now and he new it but he wasn't cuming I asked are OK he said just shut up and keep going I fucked him for all I was worth and his cock slipped out just then without a word he rammed it into my ass I let out a huge moan now he said I'm going cum in that ass because I now everybody out would love to be we're I am now so I took it and I took it until he was ready to burst and I told Mark just leave it and cum in my ass so that's what Mark did and he told me to go outside and he would text me again I cleaned myself up still no knickers but didn't care me and my partner went home and he fucked me that night talking only about me Fucking Mark again and make it happen soon,


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