Written by mr cpl

13 Aug 2017

we went for a drive one sunday morning on our way to the airport to pick up a friend we were way too early so we stopped in the park and went for a walk,she was wearing a vest top and denim shorts which were a little too loose on her.we found ourselves in a dark cold section of the woods and well we found it very erotic we sat on a fallen tree taking in the sounds and feeling of the forest.we stared kissing and i put my hand down her shorts i was supprised she was not wearing any undies at all...i whispered

to her "would you let me do something naughty to you right now"...oh babe yes anything you like...i took her hand lay her on her back on the tree trunk took both her hands above her head used a shoe lace tied her thumbs together and onto a little twig from the tree...i pulled down her shorts didnt even need to unbutton them,i told her to relax she was worried we would be caught but it was 7.30am i told her we were totally safe and alone

i places 2 bit old dry leaves on her eyes ...relax hun and enjoy,i kissed her lips and started to play with her bald wet pussy now exposed to the world i went down on her licking her i looked up she was playing with her nipples we were in the zone when i heard a russle in the woods i looked up and there was this man in his late 50s id say looking at us cock in hand she noticed id stopped ...what up hun she says he winks at me ....nothing babe and i carry on licking heri lok up again he is right next to me kneeling beside me my wife moaning and ready to cum i for some reason move away giving him permission to try her she knew something was differant i went to her mouth kissed her told her to enjoy ....she asked who is it but she didnt even wait for me to answr as she explodes with orgasam she shakes her head to get the leaves off her eyes and looks up just as he is wanking and cumming over her belly still her body jerking to her orgasam he leaves i untie her and she fixes herself pulles down her top and up her shorts we walk back to the car her smelling of sex walking pass all the morning joggers and walkers....best sunday morning sex ever