Written by dandman

11 Jul 2011

im at home with my wife sue,who is getting ready to go out her mother angie,to a house nearby.im on night shift so cant go.angie arrives nd loks stunning in her knee length skirt nd sexy see through blouse.nd yes a fab pair of tan coloured tights.angie leaves in her night clothes as she stays d night .ladies r ready nd i drop them at d party nd head off to work.d night passes nd i arrive home to the smell of fresh alcohol.oh i think they must have had a late one.sue is passed out in bed.nd angie is in spare room.i get breakfast nd as i do angie puts her head through door.what time is it, she sez.9.30 i replied,oh shit i have to go to hairdressers by 10,id better leave now.she puts on her coat over her pj,nd off she goes saying tell sue to bring over my clothes later.i check d spare room nd cant contain myself when i see angies skirt n blouse on d floor,then her bra on d bed,i look again to find her tights nd sexy white panties just under d bed.checked to see sue still asleep so went back to spare room,closed d door and stripped off.picked up her tights nd panties nd had a good smell of angies lovley fresh pussy,then put on her panties follwed by her fabulously tight pantyhose.what an erection.pulled up her skirt nd put her blouse on the bed.lay on her blouse and could smell her perfume from it.my cock was ssqueezed between the tights nd my stomack.as i lay on the bed i began move my arse up nd down to a fucking motion with the tights rubbing gently against my knob.loked over my shoulder to see my arse in d mirror humping in angies tights nd panties.i stretched the tights as tight as possible around my balls nd cock till i could not take it anymore,and with one last sniff of angies perfume i exploded a load of cum juice in the crotch of angies panties ,i emptied my balls dry.