Written by tatts

14 May 2010

as she moaned my other hand slided down her torso till i got to her thong and i made for the lace gusset and started to massage her there she spread her legs a little more so my hand could move more into her gusset... i could feel how warm she was there as i was doing that she pulled my face towards her and kissed me hard our tounges twirling as i then looked for my fingers to slide into her damp gusset of thong as i pulled the wet gusset to one side my fingers brushed her wet swollen pussy lips... she let a low moan and hmmmm out as i did as i went to my knees she leaned onto the wall as i gently licked her wet pussy lips i then yanked her thong off to see a little landing tufft on her swollen pussy as i parted her pussy lips and let my long tongue slip into her pink wet velvet pussy she then cups my head as she pushes her mound forward onto my tounge ... i then put her right leg over my shoulder for better tounge fucking her .... she was breathing heavy as every time my tounge lapped her love juice from her saying yeeesssssss.

i then took my middle and index finger and slide them into her with ease ... she let out a loud moan as my fingers slide all the way into her... i kept lapping her out as my fingers started to slide in and out of her twisting them as i felt her pussy walls squeeze them going in and out... she said she was starting to cum and her supporting leg was shaking as she did... she staterd to cum and i could see that body was shaking and shuddering hard as she held my hand and her pussy squeezed my fingers inside her.... as her orgasam ebbed away i took my fingers out and placed them into her mouth were she hungerily licked them clean... with that she then kissed me again so i could taste her cum too. she then said it was my turn.... to be continued