Written by tatts

14 May 2010

were do you start i went around to price a job of a new extension, knocked on the door and meet by a nice cheerful lady mid 40`s and curvey smiled at her as she lead me into her house, so meet the hubbie to as they took me into their new extension that needed doing, gave them price and what have you and got a call back to start the job, so happy days keys and alarm code given so could have access in anytime .

so i said i would start that following monday but would drop my gear and ladders on the saturday, so arrived saturday morning knocked and no answer so let myself in carrying my drop sheets bag of tricks etc etc... as i was bring my ladders in i heared a voice asking could i help as the door had jammed! i laughed thinking doozey idiots but went upstairs to what i thought was a bedroom so checked out the door and forced it in and found the lady of the house wearing her pjs ... now she was a size 12-14 and with a very cute face , she was all embarrassed and thanking me for getting her out, i asked were her other half was ?? and she said out golfing!

she walked by me and the smell of her perfume was hypnotic as she did i caught a peek of a very nice white tong riding high .... and i said very nice out loud !! shit i thought she would freak !! she turned and gave a look to say how dare you but she walked up and said would you like a good look!!

i smiled and said please do thinking she was bluffing!! so she stood back dropped her pj bottoms and then undone her top too...

my eyes just ravaged what i was looking at a sheer white thong lace and matching bra with big breasts... i could feel my cock getting aroused ... she said does my bum look big in these to which i smiled.... i walked over and grabbed her breasts and started to massage her breasts and could feel her hard nipples ... sho moaned as i was doing that..... to be continued